Wednesday, April 17, 2019

GYO Educator bill Got Heard this morning in the Public Higher Education Committee at the Texas State Legislature

Rep. Ramos' Legislative
Assistant Ana Pomar and me
On behalf of the Texas Center for Education Policy at UT and Patti Quinzi of the Texas AFT, I am happy to report that  Our Grow Your Own Educator bill, House Bill 3893 got heard this morning in the Public Higher Education Committee at the Texas State Legislature (see previous post for more information).  This is really good news.

Thanks a million to State Representatives Ana-María Ramos (D-Dallas) and Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) for their genuine support of this legislation.  At least for now, it appears to be getting fast-tracked to the Texas House.  Ana Pomar, Rep. Ramos' Legislative 
Assistant has been a pleasure to work with throughout.  She even had breakfast waiting for us this morning! :-)

Macario Hernandez, Senator
 Menéndez, Alfonoso Herrera and me.

Many, many thanks to Fátima Menéndez, Esq., Legislative Staff Attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF) and Morgan Craven, National Director of Policy Intercultural Development Research Association for their excellent testimony, as well. Other steadfast, committed supporters from UT include soon-to-be Dr. Greg Pulte and Dr. Macario Hernandez, as well as doctoral student Delina Zapata, and masters student, Teresa Hernandez.  

Senator José Menéndez  is carrying the companion bill (SB2425) in the Senate which isn't moving as fast at the moment.  Thanks to Senator Menéndez, Tomás Larralde, Emily Galdeano, Lexi O'Hair, and Arrian Ebrahimi for your equally sincere efforts on the senate side.

Making progress.  Too much fun!

-Angela Valenzuela

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