Sunday, April 23, 2017

This week's State Board of Education News from Georgina Perez, District 1.

This week's Texas State Board of Education News from Georgina Perez, District 1. 

Texas State Board of Education 
District 1
Georgina Cecilia Pérez

What a week!  The April SBOE Session was action-packed with Public Hearings in Science, Math, Spanish & English Language Arts and Reading, and Comparative Literature courses in High School.
Texas Women Educators Set the Stage and Ran the Show!!!

Preparing Texas students to be 21st Century STEM Champions
Texas Science Educators discuss the need for stronger TEKS

Spanish: a syllabic language
El Paso Dual-Language Educators make a great impact!

Comparative Literature Course in High School
“The definition of comparative literature is not exclusive of one ethnic group or one cultural group,” Pérez said. “It’s comparative literature of a variety of ethnicities and cultures and historical periods, but the most important thing for a successful comparative literature course is that it is responsive and reflective of the students in the classroomas well as the community.”


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