Sunday, July 21, 2019

Online Resources for Texas' New High School Course on Mexican American Studies


It's implementation time now for the new statewide elective course in "Ethnic Studies: Mexican American Studies."  I imagine teachers across the state working on figuring that out what this means for their classroom curriculum.  Many of us have been working on this for years and we are happy to share with you this online resource so that you do not have to start from zero.

In particular, if you have never taught MAS, then you'll want to link right away to the "MAS Implementation Packet."

It's exciting to see that after all these years of struggle, that MAS is finally getting off the ground in Texas as a high school elective.  Now it's time to teach it and also to develop local pathways into the teaching profession for homegrown MAS teachers in order to grow the number of high school  level course offerings for what we are sure will be many students in districts throughout the state who are wanting to take the course.

-Angela Valenzuela

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