Sunday, July 10, 2005

Personal Comment

Want to let folks know that I'll be silent on this blog for a little while. I'm going to West Texas where my parents live in order to spend time with my mother who is battling cancer of the esophagus. This follows a bout she's already had with breast cancer in recent years.

She has a strong will to live, but her body isn't cooperating....

I asked my massage therapist what advice she had for me at this point in my life and she said that I should feel thankful that I have this opportunity to spend time with my Mom in this way at this time, and also that our parents never really die since they continue living in and through us.

Her words make me contemplate my mother's impact on my life. My parents are both ministers as were my Mom's parents before them. They have always combined their beliefs with a social justice perspective, influencing me to think of my own work in the academy and in the community in a similar manner. I cannot conceive of any greater kind of inheritance.

Regarding my mother, in particular, I admire the way in which she deflects attention from her own plight through her wonderful sense of humor—though even that response is becoming more difficult. I have much to learn in these coming days. Your thoughts, wishes, and prayers are appreciated.


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