Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Mother's Obituary

I want to share with blog readers my Mom's obituary link in the San Angelo Standard-Times, Nov. 12, 2005, as well as a November 20, 2005 story on her.

We had her funeral on Monday and it was a sweet and peaceful experience. She had many friends and she was very loved.
Click on the obit and you can see her picture. I'm told by many that I take after her though I actually look like both of my parents.

To this, I'll add that her very last words to my father and me in Spanish were 'No hicimos bastante' ('we didn't do enough'). He lovingly told her, 'No, we didn't do enough. But you still did do a lot. You helped a lot of people. And we will continue the work that we began. Have no doubt or concern over that. (My father is a minister, as were my mother's parents before her.)

I've always been concerned that this would be my concern at life's end. Now I know that that's okay since God's work still gets done. Still, life is so very brief.

Bye again, Mom. I'm blessed to have had a Mom like you.


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  1. God bless you.

    We never do enough, but the truly wise know we haven't done enough.