Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rodriguez Calls for Long-Term School Finance

Unfortunately, not all of the sacred cows are on the table.... -Angela
Austin - In the opening hours of the latest
special session of the Texas Legislature, State
Representative Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) wasted no
time in filing a bill (House Bill 20) to create a
state Education Income Tax.

“This is the only proposal that resolves the
State’s legal issues, provides new funding for
education and promises a long standing resolution of
our school finance crisis,” said Rodriguez.

Most of the opening day was devoted to a dialogue
regarding the Governor’s Commission proposal. “Once
the rubber hits the road, it becomes ever more obvious
that this is a short term fix,” Rodriguez said. “Using
the surplus might work for this year, but we have to
make up that money in the very next year … and that
usually means an increase in sales taxes.”

According to Rep. Rodriguez, “Appraisals increase,
enrollments increase and the Governor’s plan actually
allows future increases in the property tax rate.
That’s not real property tax relief and it’s not a
solution beyond this year.”

“House Bill 20, the Education Income Tax, sets up
a simple and equalized source of revenue that will
grow with the educational needs of our state. It will
provide approximately $5 Billion in new funding for
classrooms and teacher’s salaries, and at the same
time it permanently cut the school property tax from
$1.50 to zero,” said Rodriguez.

“That’s a real solution and real property tax

Eddie Rodriguez
State Representative, District 51


  1. I am glad finally someone took the initiative to bring to the table a long-term plan. Really does the Texas government want to meet every year to discuss the same problem over and over and over again? I will keep an eye out for this preposition, I am again just glad that the real issues is being discussed education, not just how much can I save next year, and lets see what companies we can tax and which not. Austin business loopholes are a lot! From incentives to move to Austin to incentives to stay and bring more business. But again here is to a plan or even discussion of what the special legislation was called for.

  2. I really admire Rep. Rodriguez for sticking to his guns and proposing an Income Tax. I am totally in favor of this bill, eventhough I will more than likely have to pay even more taxes. I support it because I feel that we "All" need to fund our public education for a bright and prosperous Texas future. I just dont understand how the GOVERNOR AND HIS BUDDIES think that by cuttin taxes each and every year will allow us to run a well funded school system, provide services to the state's citizens, and allow for future development of the state. It is a shame that these "ELECTED LEADERS" of ours are just thinking and making decisions for the less than 10% of the state while screwing over the majority. Also, Texas residents should open up their eyes and minds so that they can see that not every TAX law will hurt them.