Saturday, September 23, 2006


It's the lurking fear of every private-school parent: The kid next door
is getting just as good an education at the public school -- free of
charge. Across the country, some schools and education professionals
report a growing movement from private to public. Among the possible
reasons: Private-school tuition has grown sharply higher, while some
colleges are boosting the number of students they take from public
schools. New studies have suggested that public-school students often
tested as well or better than their private school peers. And
increasingly, public schools are enriching their programs by holding the
same kinds of fund-raisers often associated with private schools, such
as auctions and capital campaigns. Not all public schools are seeing
these transfers, reports Nancy Keates: Top-scoring schools in affluent
areas tend to get the highest influxes from private schools. In fact,
the shift serves to highlight the gap between well-funded schools and
their underfunded counterparts, often inner-city schools.

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