Thursday, February 05, 2009

Immigration Detention Centers Hazardous to Women's Health?

These detention centers are a total violation of human rights! Here's the full report of the study:"Unseen Prisoners: A Report on Women in Immigration Detention Facilities in Arizona"


We wouldn’t expect life at immigration detention centers to be rosy, but it turns out that these centers may be hazardous to women’s health.

A new study by the Southwest Institute of Research on Women and the James E. Rogers College of Law, both at the University of Arizona, says about 300 women held at such centers in Arizona face dangerous delays in health care and widespread mistreatment – including lack of prenatal care, cancer treatment and treatment of ovarian cysts.

Federal immigration officials say the study is unsubstantiated, too narrow and that the complaints can’t be corroborated, but nonetheless, the study shows that among the 3,000 women being held nationwide awaiting deportation hearings, many are living in conditions far from acceptable.

"We were pretty shocked to learn about all the ways in which life is made endlessly difficult for these women," especially those who were pregnant or had recently given birth, the director of border research for the Institute on Women, Nina Rabin, told The New York Times.

This is just the latest report blasting conditions at federal immigration centers. Here’s hoping that, if the allegations are true, these women end up places where they can receive proper care.

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