Monday, August 06, 2012

The Boy Made of Lightning

Congratulations to Barbara Renaud Gonzalez and illustrator, Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez for their upcoming book on voting rights pioneer Willie Velasquez titled, "The Boy Made of Lightening."  Willie Velasquez' impact on the Mexican American community is incalculable.  And all children right now need to have a palpable, tangible sense of what one person—working in, with, and through community, sacrificing with enormous dedication—can do. 

Little different from the efforts of someone like Usain Bolt from Jamaica who now has the distinction as of last night's race in the Olympics as the world's fastest runner in the 100-meter dash in 9.63 seconds.  

The run was short and quick but the efforts leading up to it were gargantuan.  What great role models for our children.

It is with deep love and affection that I always hear Willie Velasquez' name discussed.  I wish I had gotten to meet and know him.  His spirit nevertheless lives on.

This is very exciting. 

It will debut on September 16, 2012,  WITH YOUR HELP.  Consider making a donation to this effort at 


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