Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Texas AG Abbott: Parents Aren’t Powerless Against Common Core

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Texas AG Abbott: Parents Aren’t Powerless Against Common Core

"Does a school district using Common Core in any way to teach state standards violate the law?"  That was the question asked by Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston), Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. The senator asked in a December 2013 letter to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in which he requested an opinion from the Attorney General on House Bill 462, the legislation passed during the 83rd Legislative Session that was intended to prohibit the Common Core State Standards Initiative from entering Texas public school classrooms.

The Common Core State Standards are the controversial public education initiative in which 45 states and the District of Columbia participate. Texas is a non-Common Core state. Yet, content  has been coming home from the classroom which was the impetus for Senator Patrick's request letter in which he wrote, "certain school districts within Texas are currently using Common Core to teach the Texas state standards." Breitbart Texas has also raised concerns about HB 462 legislation.

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