Monday, March 25, 2019

Do Texas’ Future A Favor—Place A Call To Your Representatives in Support of GYO Educators—HB 893 and SB 2425

We did our civic duty today and held a press conference and met with legislators in support of grow your own educator house bill 3893 and Senate Bill 2425. Thanks to State Representatives Ana-Maria Ramos and Rafael Anchia, as well as Senator José Menéndez for offering this important legislation. It restores and improves on its highly popular predecessor, the “teacher aid exemption program,” by extending this opportunity that was originally solely for teacher paraprofessionals to all high school students in the state of Texas with a demonstrated need for financial assistance to attend and work toward certification in an institution of higher education.
Thanks to those who spoke today: Patty Quinzi with the Texas American Federation of Teachers; Macario F Hernandez, Trini Garza school principal, one of the most high-performing Title I schools in the nation; Education Policy and Planning doctoral student Greg Pulte; UT History Professor Dr. Emilio Zamora; Velma Ybarra, representing local and national LULAC; And Senator José Menéndez. Great showing, everybody!
Friends, please do Texas’ future a favor and place a quick call to whoever represents you and tell them that you support these companion House and senate bills that have been referred to the Committee on Higher Education.
Special thanks again to Patty Quinzi and the Texas AFT for their crucial support of this legislation.  You can read more about this here.
Sí se puede! Yes we can!

Other photos from today.

 -Angela Valenzuela

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