Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hot NPR News Items on Education

Below is an important report on education based on recent U.S. Census Bureau analyses. The latter is another report by NPR’s Claudio Sanchez on the Houston dropout problem. Side-by-side, one gets a sense of the severity of the problem both for society and the students and their families, as well.

Education-Earnings Gap Widens
by Jack Speer 

Morning Edition, March 28, 2005 · The earnings gap between high-school and college graduates continues to widen, the Census Bureau says. On average, college graduates now earn just over $51,000 a year, almost twice as much as high-school graduates. And those with no high-school diploma have actually seen their earnings drop in recent years.

NPR: Scandal Surrounds Dropout Rate in Houston
Morning Edition, March 29, 2005· Authorities in Houston investigate the tracking of the dropout rate in Houston high schools. Some observers claim 42 percent of Houston's ninth-graders never make it to their high school graduations. School officials say the number is closer to 25 percent.

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