Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mamacita, "Donde está Santa Claus?" [video]

Here's another one of my favorite Christmas songs composed by Jason Ortiz (North Pole Records, 1952) and sung by the late Augie Rios titled, "Donde está Santa Claus?" 
The Youtube caption (below) by the father is so very sad and touching. I can only imagine 
how proud he is of his son's blockbuster of an eternally endearing Christmas song.

Angela Valenzuela

My Son and I Made this Video Christmas of 2006 but on April 21st 2007 my son Jason and My wife Elizabeth lost their lives in a car fire. Although she was able to free herself she was unable to free my unconscious son. As a result they both perished that day. Thank you to all of you who have enjoyed this video of our little boy who even after death continues to make me so very proud. Thank you for making my little Christmas miracle part of your lives. God Bless You All.

"Dónde Está Santa Claus?" by Augie Rios