Thursday, December 15, 2016

Please consider making a donation to the International Rescue Committee

Many of us are seeing, witnessing the tragic fall of Aleppo and probably feeling helpless.  Here is what we all can do. Make a donation to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  I just did.  The IRC reports that "an average of 50 Syrian families are forced to flee their homes, every hour of every day."

Finally, such as in North Dakota #NoDAPL, we must never turn a blind eye to state terrorism—yes, state-sponsored terrorism—there, here, nor anywhere.

Here is a visual so that you can get a sense of geography.  Rebels opposing Asad together with civilians caught in the crossfire are headed to Idlib, which though currently held by the opposition, is also a precarious place for them to be.

Beginning with the U.S., we must evolve as a human species and end all wars.


Angela Valenzuela


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