Friday, June 17, 2005

Perry May Call for a Special Legislative Session Tomorrow

This message is from Carolyn Boyle, Coalition For Public Schools to which LULAC belongs. -Angela

Texas newspapers are reporting in their on-line editions that Governor Perry is expected to veto the budget for Texas public schools tomorrow. If he takes that action, the governor would then issue a call for legislators to return to Austin for a 30-day special session on school finance starting at noon on Tuesday, June 21. Here are the links to some of the stories:

Dallas Morning News
Austin Am-Statesman
DFW News
Houston Chronicle

So fasten your seat belts, as another fast tumultuous ride may be about to begin! We are hearing there may be a plan to sneak private school vouchers into the legislation in conference committee or as an appropriations rider. The Coalition for Public Schools is preparing for whatever challenges are ahead, and we'll be sharing more details in the days to come.

What can you do this weekend? If you see a legislator anywhere, tell him or her not to get distracted by divisive schemes like private school vouchers!! Focus on adequately and fairly funding our neighborhood public schools so all children can succeed.

Coalition for Public Schools

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