Thursday, April 03, 2008

Texas ranks low in child well-being, report says

This is really sad. Take a look at the full report, it breaks down state rankings across all indicators. Also, look closely at numbers rather than percentages especially in juvenile incarceration where both Texas and California don't rank the lowest but do have the greatest total number of incarcerations. -Patricia

Report by nonprofit evaluates states on 10 indicators

By Suzannah Gonzales
Thursday, April 03, 2008

Texas ranks 46th among the states in terms of child well-being, according to a report released Wednesday by a nonprofit group that promotes adopting national policies for children, youth and families.

Infant, child and teen deaths were among the 10 indicators considered in the Every Child Matters Education Fund's report, titled "Geography Matters: Child Well-Being in the States."

Texas ranked the worst for births to mothers 15 to 19 years old per 1,000 teen girls, as well as for the percentage of uninsured children. New Hampshire and Rhode Island, respectively, were the top states for those categories.

A combination of poverty, race, education, state tax burdens and declining federal investments in children, among others, explains the differences in child well-being among states, according to the report. The report says there are wide gaps among states.

The states where children live shouldn't adversely affect them, said the report's author and Every Child Matters founder Michael Petit, "but they do."

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The 10 bottom states for child well-being, according to an Every Child Matters Education Fund report:

41. Arizona

42. South Dakota

43. Nevada

44. Arkansas

45. South Carolina

46. Texas

47. Oklahoma

48. New Mexico

49. Mississippi

50. Louisiana

The 10 top states:

1. Vermont

2. Massachusetts

3. Connecticut

4. Rhode Island

5. New Hampshire

6. Hawaii

7. Iowa

8. Minnesota

9. Washington

10. Maine

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