Sunday, November 22, 2009

Four Cities Cited for Successful ELL Policies

Check out the full report cited in this article based on findings in Dallas, San Francisco, New York City, and St. Paul, Minn.

Interesting quote in a later part of the article I am unable to post by associate dean of George Washington University, Joel Gomez: “It’s not just curriculum, not just teacher preparation, not just assessment—it’s a whole system, an integrated approach to educating a large segment of the population.”


Achievement is based on addressing many issues, city schools’ group says.

By Mary Ann Zehr | Ed Week
October 28, 2009

Large urban school districts that are successful with English-language learners provide strong oversight from the central office for educating those students, ensure that general education teachers as well as specialists receive professional development on how to work with ELLs, and use student data in a meaningful way to improve instruction for that population.

By contrast, districts that haven’t had that success with English-learners lack a coherent vision for educating them, limit access to the general curriculum for such students, don’t use disaggregated student data in a systematic way, and haven’t given authority and adequate resources to the district office in charge of ELLs.

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