Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sex Education Looms in Health-Care Overhaul

We're unable to post the entire story but the link below will let you continue reading this article. In sum it mentions the Senate Dem's [compromise] to include of $50 million for abstinence-only sex education and also included $74 million for comprehensive sex ed programs.

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By Mary Ann Zehr | Ed Week
November 20, 2009

Whether sex education for teenagers should focus on abstinence from sexual activity or fully address the use of contraceptives has emerged as a topic in the debate in Congress over a health-care overhaul.

Advocates of differing approaches to sex education are watching whether Congress will come down on the side of paying for what are widely called “abstinence-only programs,” which President Barack Obama proposed eliminating in his fiscal 2010 budget, or of financing only what are known as “comprehensive” programs.

Observers say the debate over what kind of sex education programs are most effective is likely to generate some sparks among legislators, but so far it has been overshadowed by other issues, such as how the legislation will address funding for abortion.

The health-care bill the U.S. House of Representatives passed this month doesn’t authorize any funding for abstinence-only programs. Rather, it contains $50 million for what advocates call comprehensive sex education. Such programs may seek to delay initiation of sex, but they also stress contraceptive use and aim for young people to decrease the number of partners they have, among other goals.

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