Friday, April 23, 2010

Senators request deportation of "Dream Act" Activists

Dear friends,

Gaby, Carlos, Juan and Felipe need your help.
These four brave students have been walking from
Miami to Washington, D.C. to call for solutions
to our failed immigration system, and for an end
to deportations of students like them who would
qualify under the DREAM Act.

Now, two U.S. Senators have come out with a
letter urging the Obama administration to halt
all deportations of undocumented "DREAM"
students. It's a critical moment.

As the walkers approach their final destination
in Washington, DC, we need to show President
Obama that there is a wave of support behind this
effort to stop student deportations - a first
step toward real change in our immigration
system. I have added my voice of solidarity with
them. Will you add your voice and stand with them
also? Peace, Carlos

Dr. Carlos Muñoz, Jr.
Professor Emeritus
Department of Ethnic Studies

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