Monday, June 07, 2010

Counter-Protest against SB 1070

Here's information on an upcoming event in Austin.


Counter-Protest against SB 1070

On Saturday, June 12th, white supremacists and supporters of SB 1070 will hold a rally at the Capitol and call for a similar racist law to be passed in Texas. SB 1070 is an attack on immigrants and people of color and we need to send a clear message that we will resist similar legislation in Texas. Join us in solidarity with those who are resisting SB 1070 in Arizona and across the U.S.!

Contact the Democratic Solidarity Committee if you have any questions:

¡Ningún ser humano es ilegal!

El sábado, 12 de junio, racistas y personas que apoyan a la ley SB 1070 se reunirán en el Capitolio para abogar para una ley similar en Texas. SB 1070 ataca a los inmigrantes y a las minorías y debemos demostrar que resistiremos legislación similar en Texas. ¡Únase con nosotros en solidaridad con aquellos que están resistiendo la ley SB 1070 en Arizona y a través del país!

Comuníquese con el Comité Democrático en Solidaridad si tiene alguna pregunta:


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  2. I think what they did in Arizona is outrageous. I thought aliens where from another planet. As far as I am concerned this land is their land and mine. As for Ms. Jan Brewer, I 8 year olds that are smarter than her. It's too bad the way some people think.