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Lulac Disgusted at Radio Contest Targeting Immigrants

Probably goes without saying but discrimination against Mexicans and Latinos, generally, has gone wild in the U.S. Latinos are treated as if they do not belong, have not contributed, or have not shed blood for this country.

What a terrible situation for our country's largest, rapidly growing demographic to be suffering. Rather than scapegoating Latinos and Latinas, we should see them as this country's greatest asset. This is a group that generally works hard, values education, has strong family values, fights our wars and this is how they get recompensed.

As a member of LULAC myself, I am glad to see LULAC leading in this way. But more beyond LULAC must be done. All persons of good conscience need to be denouncing prejudice and discriminatory behavior, on the one hand, and explore possibilities through an assets-based perspective, on the other.


June 4, 2010
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Press Release
Lulac Disgusted at Radio Contest Targeting Immigrants

Radio Station General Manager apologizes for the insensitivity of the promotion

Washington, DC – The League of United Latin American Citizens, the largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country, had called on Ohio radio station WTVN-AM and its parent company Clear Channel Communications to apologize for the distasteful contest held last week urging callers to win a free trip to Arizona and “spend a weekend chasing aliens and spending cash in the desert.” LULAC along with other national organizations will file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

A coalition of Columbus community members including LULAC Ohio joined together in rejecting the insensitive promotion and an advertisement on Clear Channel's WTVN 610 Radio Station depicting Mayor Coleman on a Green Card in a trip giveaway promotion to Phoenix, Arizona last week.

“We stood up to racial profiling and bigoted messaging inferred by WTVN’s promotion,” said LULAC National President Rosa Rosales. “This is clearly the chilling effect of what is happening in Arizona with SB 1070. We believe that our community must respect and protect all people. We will file a complaint with the FCC and ensure that threats made against the community are dealt with urgently.”

“LULAC will work to create a long-term relationship with Clear Channel,” said LULAC Ohio State Director Jason Riveiro. “We have an advisory board with Clear Channel in Cincinnati and we hope to also establish an advisory board in Columbus as well to help ensure that insensitive issues do not occur again.”

LULAC will have a meeting with Brian Dytko, General Manager of the station next week.

Organizations that have come out against this action include: LULAC Ohio, LULAC – Columbus Councils, NCLR, Reform Immigration Reform for America, Empleos y Employment, Ohio Hispanic Coalition, Casa de la Cultura Hispana, Colombianos en Ohio, The Horn of Africa Rescue Committee (SomaliCommunity), Victoria Motors, University Area Enrichment Association, DJVU Latin Fusion, Jewish Family Services of Columbus and Latino LeaderShift Initiative.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Hispanic membership organization in the country, advances the economic conditions, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through community-based programs operating at more than 700 LULAC councils nationwide.

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