Thursday, March 31, 2011

Full Package of House Amendments to Texas Budget

Texas Tribune doesn't mess around. Here's access to the amendments to the budget.


by Ross Ramsey | Texas Tribune

The House is scheduled to take up the full budget on Friday, and members filed more than 400 pages of amendments in advance of that debate. Here's the full set, in searchable, electronic form.

If you're like us (a little bit of a nerd, in other words), you'll want to follow along at home. So we've scanned and uploaded the full set of pre-filed amendments, available here in total, if you want the whole schmear in one document, or in sections, corresponding with the 11 articles in the state budget.

The links to individual articles are below the document viewer.

The budget itself is available online from the Legislative Budget Board or at this link, and the summary — a long but very useful write-up of what's in the proposal in laudably clear language — is available from that same agency, or at this link.

Friday's debate is expected to last into Saturday. We'll be there, live-blogging and writing and, of course, live-streaming the entire debate if you'd like to watch.

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