Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Texas Senate voucher bill specifics unveiled

This came out yesterday.  The most recent, well-investigated review of peer-reviewed research evidence on school vouchers appears in a TCEP policy memo co-authored by University of Texas Professors Dr. Huriya Jabbar, Dr. Jennifer Holme & doctoral students—Melinda Lemke, A.V. LeClair, Joanna Sanchez and Edgar M. Torres, Education Policy and Planning, University of Texas at Austin.  

It is titled, ""Will School Vouchers Benefit Low-Income Families? Assessing the Evidence” and can be downloaded here. This framing and analysis is important because low-income, minorities are used to justify this direction in policy—as if these policy makers every really cared for our poor, minority youth...

With respect to SB4 specifically, this is an apt quote: 

As scholars, our value added contribution is bringing the best of what we know in policy debates.  This policy memo is worth a peek as it is very germane to these very wrong-headed proposals that some of our state leaders are advocating for.


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Texas Senate voucher bill specifics unveiled

Kiah Collier

American-Statesman Staff

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