Thursday, May 21, 2015

KLRU/PBS Story- "Academia Cuauhtli Works to Bridge History with Language"

KLRU/PBS Story- "Academia Cuauhtli Works to Bridge History with Language"


Thanks  to videographer Blair Waltman-Alexin with KLRU for doing such a wonderful job covering Academia Cuauhtli in this May 1, 2015 video (posted).   Thanks to everyone in Nuestro Grupo, our community-based organization, , as well as our partners—the Austin Independent School District—especially Chief Academic Officer Dr. Pauline Dow and her excellent staff, and the City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Culture Project (ESB-MACC) where Academia Cuauhtli is physically located. Laura Esparza, Herlinda Zamora, Tiffany Moreno, the ESB-MACC board, and all the staff, you have been such great partners.

Thanks, as well, to maestra/teacher Rosa Tupina Yaontonalcuauhtli and Grupo Danza Xochipilli for inspiring us with song and danza.  And thanks to the Sanchez, Metz, and Zavala Elementary fourth- now fifth-grade children—and their parents and grandparents—for honoring us with their presence and participation at Academia Cuauhtli.  We begin with a new group of fourth graders in the fall.

Muchísimas gracias también a los maestros bilingue del distrito escolar—to the participating AISD bilingual education teachers, as well, for giving so generously of their time, intellect, and motivating energy.  Our ancestors surely want us to not only feed the mind but also to feed the spirit through song, dance, edifying values, and love of community.  And so we are grateful to them, too!

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-Angela Valenzuela

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