Sunday, May 03, 2015

Celebrate true tradition of Cinco de Mayo by Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez

Since 5 de Mayo falls on Tuesday, yesterday and today are the days that it is getting honored, celebrated.  I very much appreciate this piece by Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez as it rescues 5 de Mayo from what has degenerated into a drinking fest.  Here's what happened yesterday in Arizona and Denton, Texas:

"At the University of Arizona, students from several of the Mexican
American studies classes have found a different way to celebrate: they
are putting on the second annual Cinco de Mayo 5k sobriety walk/run and
healthy food festival at the Valenzuela Youth Center, 1550 S. Sixth Ave,
on Saturday. This year, similar runs are also taking place in Denver
and Denton, Texas.

The objective of the event is threefold: 1) to protest that linkage between
this special day with liquor and alcohol; 2) to protest the
commercialization of this day; and 3) to protest the annual mocking of Mexicans. The event also seeks to educate, celebrate and promote healthy living, while learning about and celebrating Cinco de Mayo."

Pretty cool that there's a "Valenzuela Youth Center."  Could be a relative (smile).

This is an important history that if taken seriously, we can derive a sense of strength and importance.  Read on and have a happy 5 de Mayo!


Celebrate true tradition of Cinco de Mayo

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