Thursday, March 17, 2016

Growing critically conscious teachers by A. Valenzuela (Ed.) is out!

I am happy to report that Growing critically conscious teachers: A social justice curriculum for educators of Latino/a Youth is out!

This was a collective effort, a labor of love that draws on the actual work that so many of us are doing in the area of teacher preparation, participatory action research (PAR), and  social justice. 

We hope that this book will inspire better and deeper thinking on how best to educate not only Latino/a youth—and youth of color, generally—but also future teachers of Latino/a youth since that's where the education for a linguistically and culturally diverse demographic should optimally begin.
You can order the book here:

All royalties will go to our national organization, the National Latino/a Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAP) in support of our grow your own Latin@ Teacher Education Institutes Initiative in 5 cities in 5 states at present. Contributors: Carmen Mercado Barbosa​Adele Arellano, Jennifer Ayala, Margarita Margie Ines Berta-Avila​, Julio Cammarota​, José Cintrón, Barbara Flores, Melissa Rivera, and Louie Rodriguez​. Thanks to Sonia Nieto​, Christine Sleeter​, and Antonia Darder for the foreword, afterword, and blurb, respectively.

Thanks to all the great folks at Teachers College Press at Colombia University, beginning with Marie Ellen Larcada who has since retired but who encouraged this work at the beginning and also to Sarah Biondello who has been superb throughout the volume's many stages.  

Thanks, as well, to gifted artist Tanya Torres​, for the book's beautiful cover that captures the spirit and intent of the whole book, namely, to not only create a pathway for teachers into the teaching profession, but to also grow their critical consciousness--together with our own--through the rooted, organic, community-based curriculum and model that we collectively devised. This book represents literally years of work and hundreds of years of wisdom.  You'll see....

Angela Valenzuela

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