Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote by Michelle Alexander

This is piece by Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, in The Nation is a must-read. She argues persuasively that the Clinton administration did more harm to the Black community than Reagan ever did.


 Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted—and Hillary Clinton supported—decimated black America.

Hillary Clinton loves black people. And black people love Hillary—or so it seems. Black politicians have lined up in droves to endorse her, eager to prove their loyalty to the Clintons in the hopes that their faithfulness will be remembered and rewarded. Black pastors are opening their church doors, and the Clintons are making themselves comfortably at home once again, engaging effortlessly in all the usual rituals associated with “courting the black vote,” a pursuit that typically begins and ends with Democratic politicians making black people feel liked and taken seriously. Doing something concrete to improve the conditions under which most black people live is generally not required.

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