Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Racist Textbook deemed 'Willfully irresponsible, culturally chauvinist and discriminatory."

We know that curriculum is the reproduction of consciousness and so I am very pleased about the great presentations delivered today on the racist textbook currently under consideration by the Texas SBOE. 
See earlier post in order to listen to the different presentations.
And here are a set of news clippings that came out of today's press conference. The textbook may be viewed here.
  Angela Valenzuela

Magazine/News Media
The Scholarly Reviews are in on that ‘Deeply Offensive’ Mex-Am Studies Text: And they are not good: 'Willfully irresponsible, culturally chauvinist and discriminatory."

Will Weissert, Associated Press  Textbook Reignites Mexican-American Studies Flap in Texas

Isabelle Taft, Texas Tribune, Scholars and Activists Lambast Proposed Mexican-American Studies Textbook

Joe Heim, Washington Post, Proposed Texas textbook describes Mexican-Americans as 'lazy,' new coalition works to block it

Andrea Zelinski,, Coalition, professors demand state board dump Hispanic American textbook
Molly Evans, KERA News, Activists, Scholars Tear Into Mexican-American Studies Text Riddled With Error, Offenses
Casey Quinlan, Thing Progress, Proposed Textbook Is Laden With Ugly Stereotypes About Mexican Americans

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  1. Sadly this is far from the first textbook recommended for public schools in Texas that has what we now know is questionable and even abusive content. Too much of the true history of Texas has been left out or modified to raise one group within Texas and neglect others. We must have an accurate history of Texas from the original settlers who were the generations of indigenous people, through the settlements from Mexico, to the Texas we know today. It is time for all history books to be inclusive of all our predecessors. The abuse and neglect many suffered must be admitted and corrected as much as is possible in a textbook.