Friday, February 03, 2017

SB4 Passes Texas Senate Committee

Despite overwhelming opposition, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican bill, SB4, passes out of the Senate State Affairs Committee with a 7-2 vote along Party lines. I myself testified against SB4.  Only a literal handful testified for.  Around 450 witnesses testified.

I was glad to see several of our UT faculty there, and of course, folks from across the state of Texas.  The entire Senate must now vote so the struggle continues.

Angela Valenzuela

SB4 Passes Texas Senate Committee

trumpfamilycrossing950Late night news from the Texas Capitol is that Senate Bill 4, a bill which bans “sanctuary cities” while giving local law enforcement increased authority in federal immigration enforcement, has passed the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee by a vote of 7-2–along Party lines.
Beyond the ban which allows local cops to question individuals about their immigration status, the bill also takes local control away from Texas cities whose leaders take a position against localized immigration enforcemen, while refusing state grants to those communities with “sanctuary” policies. The bill also targets college campuses with “sanctuary” policies.
No doubt, this is a hate-based bill.
From Reform Immigration Texas Alliance:
After all the testimony (over 450) and with over 1,500 people signing in opposition, the Senate State Affairs Committee passed SB4 with a 7-2 vote along Party lines. #FightDoesNotEnd #StopSB4#TexasTogether #Txlege #RITA#TexasResist
Después de más de 450 testimonios y más de 1,500 personas anotandose en contra, el Comité de Asuntos Estatales paso la SB4 con un voto de 7-2.
SB4 sigue siendo propuesta solamente. El siguiente paso es que vaya al Senado completo a una votación. Después o al mismo tiempo sigue un proceso similar en la Casa de Representantes. Una vez que pase en las dos Cámaras es cuando va al Gobernador para que se firme y entonces se convierte en ley. ¡Aún tenemos oportunidad de parar la SB4 injusta!
Opponents of SB4 are not giving up as the bill must go to a full Senate vote and a similar process in the House before it appears on Greg Abbott’s desk.
Thanks to all the individuals, organizations, and elected officials from around the state for showing up yesterday to oppose SB4.

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