Sunday, December 17, 2017

Concerning Recent News about Charter School in Texas and Beyond

Here are several big items related to charter schools that I have posted within the past month or so.  Here goes again.  It would be good to set some time over the holidays in a more relaxed mode to read these.  Not that all charter schools are "bad," as some are good.  One can say this and simultaneously hold a research-based view that as policy, it's a limited and harmful policy direction overall.  We need to build and defend strong public schools.  That's what many of us are doing this evening at our monthly Austin Independent School District school board meeting.  

We have such gems in our school district and community, including the great work with our Academia Cuauhtli/Cuauhtli Academy Saturday school for children from Sanchez, Metz, Zavala, Houston, and Perez Elementary schools that many of us are involved in.

We're headed over there this PM to let our school board members know how hard our bilingual education/dual language teachers work and how excellently they're performing their jobs (for information on this, see my earlier post titled, "Exciting Results on Bilingual and Dual Language Education in AISD!!!"). 

Bilingual and dual language education work, my friends.  These are not matters of evidence, but politics.  That's why we always have to defend advocate for, and defend, them.  Ethnic Studies, too.  Someday, both of these, bilingual education and Ethnic Studies, will be simply termed, "A good education."

-Angela Valenzuela

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