Saturday, October 27, 2018

Update from Raices: Trump Administration Suddenly Mass Releasing THOUSANDS from Detention
The administration announced Thursday evening that they are mass releasing families from detention centers along the border. For months they’ve kept families for longer than the twenty days they are legally allowed to, but now, they are suddenly mass releasing THOUSANDS of people with NO plans to ensure their safety.

This timing isn’t a coincidence. The midterms are around the corner but there is no time for distraction. We must do EVERYTHING we can to be there for these people.

The U.S. government has done this before. In 2016 ICE released 500 people to the streets of San Antonio without any proper preparation or even any warning. RAICES was there, and within days, we got hundreds of people on buses, planes and into safe shelters. We’re prepared to do the same again today.

We need your help. Our team of 100+ lawyers and case workers are mobilizing to support these families.

This is a moment where we as Americans can prove we’re not going to let an unfair, rigged immigration system define what we do as human beings. This is a moment where we decide what it means to be American.
Please take a moment to watch the video below and join us in the fight for the Soul of America!
RAICES: The Soul of America Video Preview Image


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