Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Why Some White Liberals Will Probably Vote For Donald Trump

In a study of “dog-whistle politics” involving hundreds of white people by Brown and Stanford University professors, respectively, Rachel Wetts and Robb Willer, they found that Donald Trump’s racism appears to be particularly effective with self-identified liberals that harbor racial resentment.  These are the whites who voted for Trump after having voted for Obama in the previous election (this article references several studies since 2016 that corroborate this).
That is, the overtly racist messages do not impact as powerfully as the implicit ones, particularly for resentful whites that perceive a loss of centrality in society.  As we know well, however, whites still pretty much dominate the upper-echelons of society, but they are vulnerable to manipulation which is what Trump is all about.  He himself is in power and sees himself and “his people” as “victims.”
This is a preemptive political strike from within via dog-whistles, or coded language, that amounts to yet another ploy to suppress the voices, perspectives, and needs of diverse communities. 

-Angela Valenzuela

Why Some White Liberals Will Probably

Vote For Donald Trump

A new study demonstrates that racist dog whistles work.
by Arthur Delany | Huffington Post 8.20.19

Reporters often describe President Donald Trump’s
racism as a strategy to excite Republican voters,
may actually work better on certain self-identified
liberals. That’s the conclusion a pair of academic
researchers reached after conducting an experiment
with hundreds of white Americans earlier this year.
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