Sunday, September 20, 2020

Petition to All Critical Race Theory (CRT) Faculty, Scholars, and Students of Good Conscience

I just learned about and signed this petition and encourage all faculty, scholars, and students of good conscience to do so, as well. Just know that to be opposed to Critical Race Theory (CRT)—as Donald Trump is currently doing—is to oppose not only all of us whose names appear below, but the intellectual pursuit of knowledge that is not only so critical to our mission in higher education, but also liberatory. After all, we as scholars expose the truth of white supremacy and capitalist patriarchy that is just as liberatory for whites as non-whites because it illuminates power and how it works to oppress and maintain our highly unequal status quo.

I want to remind folks that we won a major court case on CRT curriculum already, Arce v. Douglas (2017), in Arizona which itself was a long and winding story with updates that I have posted to this blog over the years. 

I, along with Dr. Stephen Pitti (Yale University) and Dr. Nolan Cabrera (University of Arizona Tucson) were the three expert witnesses on behalf of the Mexican American Studies student and teacher plaintiffs in this case. I have numerous posts to this blog on the court case, but these two are key:

The whole country in effect became Arizona after Trump was elected.  Don't believe Trump's lies. He himself illustrates why we need CRT and other critical frameworks lest we're all to become dull-witted pawns of empire. As you can see from this impressive list, we're so not that. Nor are we unpatriotic.  The opposite is true. We critique out of a love for our country's highest ideals. We are the embodiment of the democratic ethos.

Glad to see Arizona trending liberal these days. I trust that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction right now. My last comment is that you should read what we write. As Franklin D. Roosevelt himself once said, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." More positively, there is everything to gain from knowing this body of impressive scholarship.

-Angela Valenzuela


On September 4, 2020, Russell Vought, Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the Executive Office of the President issued M-20-34, a “memorandum for the heads of executive offices and agencies.” The document states that “Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars, to date, on “training” government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.” As critical race scholars working in universities and communities across the globe, the following statement is our response to Mr. Vought’s memorandum.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is committed to the historical documentation and naming of atrocities carried out in this country in the name of “freedom” and “liberty.” In spite of this historical context, the claim that the United States is founded on freedom from tyranny, freedom of expression and speech, and the right to exist as a whole person, are ideals that all citizens of the US are taught in school to value, cherish and honor. From our purview as scholars of race and education, the United States of America has struggled to uphold not only the Constitution but also the Preamble of the Constitution. We are clear that racial healing cannot occur absent the recognition of the historical and current struggle against all forms of structural oppression that encumber the U.S. from ever fully living up to its democratic ideals.

Conflating Critical Race Theory (CRT) with workshops on white privilege is an example of the profound ignorance the current administration has as it pertains to studying and understanding race in the United States. Furthermore, labeling CRT, an area of scholarly study, and diversity training that examines the role of white privilege as divisive and anti-American is an affront to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The current attempts to silence and suppress CRT also violate principles of academic freedom upheld by the American Association of University Professors.

We are deeply concerned about the lack of understanding, ignorance, and silencing of Black, Indigenous, and other scholars of color, who have been instruments in the fight against racism, sexism, classism, and all xenophobic ways of thinking. We are outraged over a federal call to end efforts to name racism and address systemic racial inequities. We are disappointed to see leaders weaponize their position and power to further fuel racial discord during a time of significant racial unrest. We are disturbed that the Office of the President would denounce a well-vetted, rigorous, and theoretically sound framework that thousands of scholars have utilized for the last 40 years to understand how race shapes every imaginable societal system.

CRT is necessary and powerful in the fight against systemic racism and essential to antiracist educational and professional development and training. We call on our institutions, fellow academicians, institutional leaders, community partners, policymakers, and all who have benefitted from CRT or learned as a result of their participation in anti-racism workshops to stand with us in acknowledging that systemic racism exists and is violence against ALL humanity. If this country is to “insure domestic tranquility,” it must work to protect ALL people, and make ALL people safe. We refute any communication that denies social and political realities and prohibits forward movement toward a racially just society. We challenge academic work by those who are fearful of open and critical discourse. We honor the reality that multiple histories and experiences exist for the diversity of peoples in the United States, for every race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion brings with it its own histories included in and not erased by a whitewashed “American” experience. Most importantly, we fight against willful ignorance, hatred, and violence due to racism. The revolutionary roots of CRT drive us to contest such injustices. We have a lot of work to do. But we remain committed to engaging together in the worthwhile struggle to move this nation toward Dr. Martin Luther’s King Jr.’s vision of a beloved community.


Marvin Lynn, Portland State University
Lori Patton Davis, The Ohio State University
Robin Hughes, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Mark Giles, University of Texas at San Antonio
Chezare Warren, Michigan State University
David Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago
Erica Davila, Lewis University
Adrienne Dixson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Enrique Aleman, Trinity University
Natasha Flowers, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Paula Groves Price North Carolina A&T State University
Royel M. Johnson, Pennsylvania State University
Joyce Lui, San Jose City College
Meghan Green, Texas A & M University-Commerce
Dennis L. Rudnick, Missouri State University
Scott Farver, Michigan State University
University of Texas at San Antonio - student
Leslie K. Morrow, Universit of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert T. Palmer, Howard University
Nathaniel Bryan, Miami University
Ricardo D. Rosa - University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
José M. Aguilar-Hernández, Cal Poly Pomona
Asif Wilson, Harold Washington College
Rocío Mendoza, California State University, Long Beach
María Ledesma, San José State University
Cleveland Hayes, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Christopher Chyr Pennsylvania public school teacher
Angel Jones, Ph.D., George Washington University
Joshua Anzaldúa, University of Texas at San Antonio
Henrietta Wood
Karen Gaffney, Raritan Valley Community College
Dimpal Jain, California State University Northridge
Jairo I. Fúnez-Flores, Independent Researcher
Cheryl E. Matias, Professor, University of Kentucky
Darrell Jackson, University of Wyoming
Maria K. McKenna, University of Notre Dame
Judith Flores Carmona, New Mexico State University
Heather L. Horsley, California State University, Fresno
Katherine S. Cho, Miami University Ohio
Sue Kasun, Georgia State University
Lasana D. Kazembe
Reginald Wilkerson, Clemson University
Michael D. Bartone, Central Connecticut State University
Phillip A. Boda, Educational Research Consultant
Scott Ritchie, Kennesaw State University
Ana Lopez, Lesley University
Dolores Calderon, Western Washington University
Dr. Rashid Faisal, Principal Internship Coach at Teachers College of Columbia University
Kyle D. Younger, Seton Hall University
OiYan Poon, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brianda De León, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Aja Reynolds, Wayne State University
Sherick Hughes, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr., University of Wisconsin-Madison
S. Marshall Perry, Saint Mary's College of California
Kahdeidra Martin, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Grisel Y. Acosta, City University of New York-BCC
Rebeca Burciaga, San José State University
Will Garrow, California State University @ Northridge
Benjamin Blaisdell, East Carolina University
Pedro E. Nava, Santa Clara University
Natasha N. Croom, Clemson University
Tracy Lachica Buenavista, California State University, Northridge
Erica Saldivar, NYU
Michael Jennings—Furman University
Corina Benavides López, Ca State Univ. Dominguez Hills
Sonya M. Alemán, Associate Prof., UTSA
Jackie Pedota, The University of Texas at Austin
Ivory Berry, George Mason University
Lauren Braunstein
Larissa Malone, University of Southern Maine
Lindsay Pérez Huber, California State University, Long Beach
Andrea Dunn
Lisette Torres-Gerald, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Bree Picower, Ph.D
Licensed Counseling Psychologist, Louisiana
Antonio Ellis, American University
Amy Senta, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Stephen Santa-Ramirez, University at Buffalo
Monica L. Miles, Cornell University
Chris Busey, University of Florida
Dr. Natalie Parker-Holliman, GIRLSWSTEAM
Verónica Vélez, Western Washington University
Dawn Dice Renner, Indiana State University
Sarah Ishmael, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Diane Mendoza Nevárez, UC Irvine
Jessica Wilson, TET Movement
Frances Tiger, Oklahoma State University
Naomi Nishi, University of Colorado Denver
Margarita Bianco University of Colorado Denver
Dorinda Carter Andrews, Michigan State University
Latish Reed - Milwaukee Public Schools
Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Michigan State University
University of Memphis
Alpha A. Martínez-Suárez, University of Texas at San Antonio
Michelle McElwaine, Boston College
Khalia Ii, University of San Diego
Denisha Jones, Sarah Lawrence College
Jacqueline Leshan, adjunct sociology, National University
Leslie Ann Locke, University of Iowa
Abby Rombalski, University of MN
Stefanie Marshall, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Lena Tenney, The Ohio State University
James A. Gambrell, Kennesaw State University
Josh Porter, Lewis and Clark College
Rodrecas Davis, Grambling State University
Dr. Rema, Eastern Michigan University
Ebony McGee Vanderbilt University by way of UIC
Tawanda M. Greer-Medley, Cleveland State University
Wende’ Ferguson, The Pennsylvania State University
Ann M. Ishimaru, University of Washington
Isaura Pulido, Northeastern Illinois University
W. Michael Hamm, independent
Kelly Murguia Sandoval- The University of Texas at Austin
S. Mae Mamaril Choe, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles
Christina Sessoms
Nahoko Kawakyu O’Connor, Ph.D.; University of Rochester
Nancy Acevedo-Gil, Associate Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
Patricia D. Quijada Cerecer, University is California, Davis
Eboni M. Caridine, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Martha A. Rivas, Ph.D., CSU Dominguez Hills
Saili S. Kulkarni, San Jose State University
Maggie Beneke, University of Washington
Manka Varghese, University of Washington
Mary Carol Combs, University of Arizona
S. Maxwell Hines, Ph.D., Winston-Salem State University
Elizabeth González Cárdenas, University of New Mexico
Dani Parker Moore. Wake Forest University
Tiffany Hollis, Coastal Carolina University
David R. Rosas, CUNY Graduate Center
April Eddie, Northern Kentucky University
James Ponzo, University at Buffalo
Giannina Lucantoni, SUNY Buffalo
Jacqueline Mac, Northern Illinois University
Kimberly Strozewski, NC State University
Shellonnee Chinn, Niagara University and Houghton College
Pasha Agoes, State University of New York
Stephine Hunt, University at Buffalo
Zachary Shackelford, University at Buffalo
Taylor Coleman, SUNY Buffalo
Gerardo R. López, Michigan State University
Sonja Lanehart, University of Arizona
David Fox, Phillips Academy
Paul Schutz, University of Arizona
Joshua Prudhomme, University of Colorado Boulder
Tara Haskins, DNP, RN
Brad Parker - Portland State University
Rick Orozco, University of Arizona
Belinda Otukolo Saltiban, Utah Valley University
Rebecca Tsosie, University of Arizona
Adele Leon, University of Arizona
Karen Anijar, Arizona State University (Emerita)
Lindsay M. Montgomery, University of Arizona
Chaddrick James-Gallaway, Texas A & M
Sheri Bauman, University of Arizona
Alerie Flandez
Dylan Okechukwu Barton, University of Arizona
JoAnn Webb
Kandace Hinton, Indiana State University
Kevin McBeth, University of Arizona
Dev Bose, University of Arizona
John Edward Martin, University of North Texas
LaWanda W.M.Ward, Pennsylvania State University
Khalid el-Hakim, Ph.D., Black History 101 Mobile Museum
Sue Kroeger, University of Arizona
Charisse Iglesias, University of Arizona
Michael Dieter- Lewis University
LaGarrett King, University of Missouri
Alice Y. Lee, University of California, Riverside
Ann M. Aviles, University of Delaware
David H. K. Nguyen, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Wanda Watson, Mills College
Michael B. Dando - St. Cloud State University
Nolan L. Cabrera, University of Arizona
Melissa Holmes, Kansas State University
Karletta Chief (Navajo), University of Arizona
Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Linda Grant, Lecturer- Birth-Kindergarten Kennesaw State University
Jenna Cushing-Leubner, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Mari Ann Banks, Ph.D., City Schools of Decatur
Jason K. Wallace, University of Southern Mississippi
Stephen John Quaye, The Ohio State University
Molly Siuty, Portland State University
Tami Ryan, University at Buffalo
Lela Garcia, University of Arizona
Isabella Carrión, University of Arizona
Subini Annamma, Stanford University
Maria C. Malagon, Ph.D., California State University, Fullerton
Marc Johnston Guerrero, The Ohio State University
Maria Chaves Daza, SUNY Oneonta
Amanda Lynn Miller, Wayne State University
Aja Y. Martinez, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
D-L Stewart, Colorado State University
Melvin A. Whitehead, Binghamton University (SUNY)
José Del Real Viramontes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ah-Young Song, Vassar College
Alan Eladio Gómez- Arizona State University
Arturo Nevárez, UC Riverside
Geneva Sarcedo, University of Colorado Denver
Gina L Gullo, Seton Hall University & GLG Consulting
Dante Studamire, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Keisha Allen, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sam Museus, University of California, San Diego
Duval County Public Schools
Jeanne Dyches, PhD, Iowa State University
Joaquin Munoz, Assistant Professor, Augsburg University
Anna K. Treviño, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Oklahoma
Daniella Ann Cook, University of South Carolina
Aimee Mapes University of Arizona
ReAnna S Roby, Vanderbilt University
Tianna Dowie-Chin, PhD Candidate, University of Florida
Nichole M Garcia, Rutgers University
Matthew Paul Cowley, University of Florida
Andres Guzman, Portland State University
Mario Worlds, Univereity of Florida
Martín Alberto Gonzalez, Syracuse University
Sandra Tarabochia, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
Consuelo Salas, Assistant Professor, San Diego State University
Rodney Bates, University of Oklahoma
Mary F. Howard-Hamilton, Coffman Distinguished Professor, Indiana State University
Jeannie Lee, University of Arizona
Andrea Olinger, University of Louisville
Heather A. Hathaway Miranda, University of Illinois at Chicago
Shelley Zion, Professor, Rowan University
Bruce J. Martin, Lone Star College-North Harris
Ashanka Kumari - Texas A&M University - Commerce
Michèle Foster, Professor & Endowed Chair, University of Louisville
Sheron Mark, University of Louisville
Ursula Moffitt, Northwestern University
Noreen Naseem Rodríguez, Iowa State University
Julie Esparza Brown, Portland State University
Shirley A Jackson, Professor, Portland State University
Rossitza B. Wooster, Dean of the Graduate School, Portland State University
Karen J Haley, Portland State University
Brenna K. Wood, Portland State University
Anita R. Gooding, University of Portland
Leroy E. Bynum, Jr., Portland State University
Tanya J. Gaxiola Serrano, University of Texas, San Antonio
Edwin Mayorga, Swarthmore College
John Nimmo, Portland State University
Donna Shrier, Portland State University
Cynthia Ganote, University of Louisville
Susan Paulette Carlile, Portland State University
Jola Ajibade, Portland State University
Matthew Carlson, Associate Dean, Portland State University
Richard Corsi, Dean of Engineering & Computer, Portland State University
Tatiana Nochevnaya, Portland State University
John Barnett, Portland State University
Ruth Falco, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
Susan Bert, Portland State University
Patrick Kelley, Portland State University
Hollie Hix-Small, Portland State University
Shanté Stuart McQueen, Portland State University
Qiana M. Cutts, Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
Amanda Jo Cordova, NDSU
Katherine Blanton, University of South Carolina
Torrey Kulow, Portland State University
Rebecca Colina Neri, Assistant Professor, Indiana University
Dr. Jada Phelps, Michigan State University.
Will Parnell, Portland State University
Walter Ghant, Portland State University
Patrick Burk, Portland State University
Michael E. Dantley, Miami University
Jess Wontropski, Bank Street College of Education
Mark R. Ginsberg, George Mason University
Joanna O. Masingila, Syracuse University
Mark Girod, Western Oregon University
Duane Graysay, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
Jennifer Mueller, St. Cloud State University
Leigh Patel, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh
Jill Christian-Lynch, Syracuse University
Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos, Trinity University and Visiting Scholar USC
Melissa Appleyard, Portland State University
Lisa Kirtman, CSU Fullerton
Keffrelyn D. Brown, Ph.D., Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Matt McParker, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Christina V. Cedillo, Assistant Professor, UHCL
Emily Lin, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Anthony L. Brown, Ph.D., Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Ruthanne Kurth-Schai, Macalester College
Kaia Tollefson, California State University Channel Islands
William Gaudelli, Lehigh University
Elizabeth Smith, University of Tulsa
Peter McLaren, Attallah College of Educational Studies, Chapman University
Hilton Kelly, Davidson College
Aaron T. Wacker, The University of Tulsa
Mark R. Emerick, Muhlenberg College
Stacie W. Sanders, M.A. Urban Planning (UCLA)
David Perez II, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Syracuse University
Marvin Hoffman, University of Chicago, retired
Roger Kiyomura, Hawaii Pacific University
Kate Boyle, Ph.D., Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, Saint Martin's University
J.B. Mayo, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Lynn Coupland, Portland State University
Crystal Morton - Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Anita Charles, Bates College
Marcia Burrell, SUNY Oswego
Jann Pataray-Ching, Professor, California Polytechnic University, Pomona
Brian D. Schultz, Miami University
Mario Rios Perez, Syracuse University
Charles Weis, California State University Channel Islands
René Antrop-González, SUNY at New Paltz
Maria A. Pacino, Azusa Pacific University CA
William Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago
Deborah Shanley, Brooklyn College-City University of New York
Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Dean, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Jeffrey F. Milem University of California, Santa Barbara
Melissa Luke, Syracuse University
Adam Howard, Colby College
Michelle Hall, Chapman University
Cynthia Lewis, University of California, Santa Cruz
Debra R Sullivan, Kujichagulia, LLC, WA
Rick Ayers, Assoc. Professor, University of California
George Theoharis, Professor, Syracuse University
Caryn Park, Antioch University Seattle
Monika Williams Shealey, Rowan University
Cory Gann, CentralWashington University
Roberto S. de Roock, University of California, Santa Cruz
Rachel Endo, UW Tacoma
Susan Faircloth, Colorado State University
Gabriela Rios, University of Colorado
Tess Gamez, Lead Teacher, Seattle Preschool Program
Jessica Elias
Rebecca Kantor, University of Colorado Denver
Mari Riojas-Cortez-California State University—Channel Islands
Tina Young, Bellevue College
Sumi Hagiwara, Montclair State University
Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Ph.D., KOI Education
Anita Bright, Portland State University
Stacy Pratt, Chandler Unified
Emilia Lopez, Queens College, City University of New York
Eduarda Schroder, KSD Community Superintendent Council
Erin Stutelberg, Salisbury University
Tom W, Ottawa University
Kirsten T. Edwards, University of Oklahoma
Brianna Lyons Ed.S, school psychologist
John E. Henning, Monmouth University
Karen DeMoss, Bank Street College of Education
Daniel Gonzalez
Andrea Lachance, SUNY Cortland
Erin McCloskey, Vassar College
Michelle Salazar Perez, The University of Texas at Austin
Barbara Applebaum, Syracuse University, New York
Brenda Davis, RN, New Mexico State University
Doris A. Santoro, Professor, Bowdoin College
Christian Z. Goering, University of Arkansas
Davia Brown Franklyn, Bank Street College of Education
Cindy Gerstl-Pepin, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jon E. Pedersen
Gaetane Jean-Marie, Rowan University
Glori Hodge Smith, PhD
Nan Alimba Broussard, Retired University Research Administrator
Abbe Futterman, Bank Street College; former DOE Principal (M364)
Tammy Schwartz, Miami University
Danné E. Davis
Troy Pinkney
Quentrese T. Hinton, Central Michigan University
Mark Nagasawa, Bank Street College of Education
Stephen Brookfield, Antioch University
Stephen Preskill, Columbia University
Denise Taliaferro, Baszile Miami University
Dalia Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
Sabina Vaught, University of Pittsburgh
Paul Parkison, University of North Florida
April Bedford
Abigail Kerlin, Co-director - Early Childhood Programs, Bank Street College
Suraj Uttamchandani, Indiana University-Bloomington
Reginald Wright, University of St. Thomas
Mike Gill, Syracuse University
Lisa N. Aguilar, Indiana University
Steven Alvarez, St. John's University
Sara Pound, University of South Carolina
Sarah McCann, University of St. Thomas, Dougherty Family College
William S. Orellana, The CUNY Graduate Center
Emily Clark, CUNY Graduate Center; NYC DoE
Tabitha Dell’Angelo, The College of New Jersey
Jacob Jurss, University of St. Thomas
Amanda Bozack, Radford University
Lisa Smulyan
Sonia Murrow, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Gowri Parameswaran, SUNY at New Paltz
Kate Vieira, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Sue Books, SUNY New Paltz
Maura Musso, SUNY New Paltz
Patricia Conde-Brook, University of St. Thomas MN
Genevieve Lowry, Bank Street College of Education
Kate McCoy, SUNY New Paltz
Amir Z. Mohamed, University of St. Thomas
Flora Farago
Timothy Frederiks, Department Chairperson, Centenary University
Kimberly White-Smith
Edward Garcia Fierros, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Villanova University
Mike Klein, Associate Professor, University of St Thomas
James E. Brooks, Indiana University
Robert L. Jarvis, University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Meyer, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, University of Colorado Boulder
Mariana Souto-Manning, Teachers College, Columbia University
Mark Stern, Colgate University
Dr. Beverlyn Cain, Higher Education
Joe Lewis, Hamline University
Ayde Enriquez-Loya, California State University, Chico
Brad Pulles, University of St. Thomas
Peggy McNamara, Bank Street College of Education
Julia Lopez-Robertson, Professor, University of South Carolina
Melissa Loe, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas
Jessica McClain, Indiana University
Wendy Luttrell, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Kristin Freda Bank Street College of Education
Monica Taylor, Montclair State University
Victoria Groves-Scott
Michele Ryan, Bank Street College of Education
Louis S. Nadelson, University of Central Arkansas
Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D., San Diego State University
Thomas Marrinan, University of St. Thomas
Lydia Young, Northeastern University
Kim Hartung, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN
Andrew W. Puroway, University of St. Thomas
Colin Martin, UST
Amelia McNamara, University of St Thomas
Marilyn Davis, PhD. Student, University of New Mexico
Neeta Manoj Sadhwani- Kindergarten Teacher at Chandler Unified School District.
Alyse Adams, Teacher
Gayle Y. Thieman, Portland State University
Derek X Seward, Associate Professor, Syracuse University
Gabriel Rodriguez, Iowa State University
Peter Appelbaum, Arcadia University
Tia Gramzinski, Indigenous Engagement Specialist, Chandler Unified School District
A. Susan Jurow, University of Colorado, Boulder
Fernando Garcia, University of California Los Angeles
Jeff Passe, Cal Poly Pomona
Jeffrey Fink, Hamline University
Pei-Han Cheng, Assistant Professor, CUNY- Brooklyn College
Roberto L. Abreu, University of Florida
Alexandra Hidalgo, Michigan State University
Sarah M. Straub, Stephen F. Austin State University
Jennifer (Jenna) Queenan, PhD candidate at the Graduate Center, City University of New York
Priya Parmar, Brooklyn College-CUNY
Susan Jeffords, Portland State University
Dr. Michael A. Robinson, Founder and CEO, Forest Of The Rain Productions
Tamara Lucas, Montclair State University
Andreas Schramm, Hamline University
Lisa Loutzenheiser, University of British Columbia
Paul J. Wojda, University of St. Thomas (MN)
John Blackwell Coordinator of Assessment Virginia State University
Alexander B. Hernandez-Siegel, University of St. Thomas
Marco Bravo, Santa Clara University
Louise Jennings, Colorado State University
Brendesha Tynes, University of Southern California
Suzanne McCotter, School of Education Dean, The College of New Jersey
Lauren Madden, The College of New Jersey
Vincent Basile, Colorado State University
Lauren Shallish, The College of New Jersey
Patricia Russo, SUNY Oswego
Eva Thanheiser, Portland State University
Jill M. Christopherson
Dr. Massene Mboup, International Leadership Academy
Horace R. Hall DePaul University
Bernardita M. Yunis Varas
Amy Bystrom Micek, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
Michael S. Mills, university of Central Arkansas
Beth Blue Swadener, Arizona State University
Elaine Allard, Swarthmore College
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, American University
Vrinda Kalia, Miami University
Marcia Tate Arunga, Dean Evergreen State College, Tacoma campus
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell, University of Michigan
Sheretta T. Butler-Barnes, Washington University in St. Louis
Danny Birmingham Colorado State University
Gilda Sheppard
Ea McMillan Porter
Adrienne Redmond-Sanogo, Oklahoma State University
Sally Zepeda, University of Georgia
Jayne Woodburn, retired educator
Angela Webster, University of Central Arkansas
Anne Peel, The College of New Jersey
Riana Elyse Anderson, University of Michigan School of Public Health
MinSoo Kim-Bossard, The College of New Jersey
Diane Anderson, Swarthmore College
Eleanor Seaton, Arizona State University
Susana M. Muñoz, Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Karen A. Kennedy, Portland State University
Sandy Gibson, The College of New Jersey
Catherine R. Mintler, University of Oklahoma
Atsuko Seto, The College of New Jersey
Emily McNulty Scripter, Portland State University
Linda Valli, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland
Elizabeth Dinkins, Bellarmine University
Melanie Bertrand, Arizona State University
Mark R. Ginsberg, George Mason University
Jennifer Fields, University of Arizona
Jordan DiPalma M.S., North Dakota State University
Gene Gloeckner, Professor
Monica Haugen, North Dakota State University
Ann Burnett, NDSU (emerita)
M. Francyne Huckaby, Professor & Associate Dean, Texas Christian University
Heath Wing North Dakota State University
Chris Coombe, University of Michigan
Alison Bertolini, NDSU
Sam Peters, Portland State University
Michael Getty, PhD, University of St. Thomas
Marissa Bellino, The College of New Jersey
Melanie Landon-Hays, Western Oregon University
Amy J. Schulz, Professor University of Michigan School of Health
Dane Stickney, CU-Denver
Tyson EJ Marsh, University of Washington, Bothell
Daphne Whitington, Ph.D., Chicago Public Schools
Michaela Rinkel, Hawai`i Pacific University
Maria Estela Zarate, CSU Fullerton
Hannah Dennis, Bank Street College of Education
Patricia Stall, California State University San Marcos
Joy Lundeen Ellebbane, Bank Street College of Education
Caitlin Murphy, Bellarmine University
Pete Kelly, University of Mary Washington
Kim K. Metcalf, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Joan Hanor, California State University San Marcos
LuEllen Doty, Elmhurst University
Ancy Skaria, CUNY Graduate Center
Ryan Scoble, North Dakota State University
James E. R. Beyers, Ph.D., The College of New Jersey
Dianne Wellington
Aria Razfar, Professor, University of Illinois
Dwayne Kwaysee Wright, The George Washington University
Haeny Yoon, Teachers College, Columbia University
Laura Hallberg, Assist. Dean, Benerd College, University of the Pacific
Latanya Brandon, SUNY New Paltz
Maureen Connolly, The College of New Jersey
Carmen Kynard, Texas Christian University
Robin Hummel, Bank Street College of Education
Kofi Lomotey, Western Carolina University
Sarah Hankerson, University of St. Thomas
Chuck Flores, Ed.D. CSU-Los Angeles
Ann V. Dean
Sara Knepper, University of Arizona
Joan B. Johnson, Ph.D Virginia Commonwealth University
Ritu Radhakrishnan, SUNY Oswego
Michelle Desir, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Thomas Shields, University of Richmond, Virginia
Barbara Henderson, San Francisco State University
Sara Demoiny, Auburn University
Tomika Ferguson, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mike Hillis, California Lutheran University
Dewey M. Clayton, Ph.D. University of Louisville
Jung Kim, Lewis University
Sarah Crosby, Iowa State University
Brenda L. Townsend Walker, University of South Florida
Gwendolyn Webb, Texas A & M University
Aaron D. Isabelle, SUNY New Paltz
Mia Tuan, University of Washington
Mara Casey Tieken, Bates College
Alicen Morley, Graduate Student Iowa State University
Tracey T. Flores, University of Texas at Austin
Jason Podrabsky, Portland State University
Jill Pinkney Pastrana, Ph.D. University of Minnesota Duluth
Sherrill L. Sellers, Miami University
Krista Bloom, CSU Channel Islands
Karly Marie Grice, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Barbara Seidl, CU Denver
Louise Santiago, Touro University California
Ricki Ginsberg, Colorado State University
Ana Milena Ribero, Oregon State University
Stephen Hegedus, Dean, Southern Connecticut State University
Nancy Bodenhorn, Virginia Tech
AJ Duxbury, Bellevue College
Tran Nguyen Templeton, University of North Texas
María E. Fránquiz, University of Texas Austin
Jim Garrison
Barbara Lockee, Virginia Tech
Limarys Caraballo, Queens College and Graduate Center, City University of New York
Nan Ma, Bellevue College
Chris Whitaker, SUNY New Paltz
Shuntay Tarver, Old Dominion University
Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, Stonehill College
Antonia P. Olivas, Ed.D., California State University San Marcos
San José State University
Jingzi Huang, University of Northern Colorado
Amy Lein, Bellarmine University
Iheoma U. Iruka, Ph.D. HighScope
Jose E. Coll, Ph.D. Dean School of Social Work, Portland State University
Gladys Aponte, City University of New York
Patricia P. Carver Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY
Dina Gilio-Whitaker, California State University San Marcos
Janelle Scott, UC Berkeley
Sandra L Osorio, Illinois State University
John P. Broome, PhD, University of Mary Washington
Shannon McManimon, SUNY New Paltz
Alberto Esquinca
Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs, Virginia Tech School of Education
Jessica Jahn, Costume Designer and Adjunct Professor
Jennifer L. Lê, Professor, Bellevue College
Shondra L. Marshall, Michigan State University
Mary Amanda Stewart, Texas Woman’s University
Jennifer Ho, California State University San Marcos
Holly Hampton, California State University San Marcos
Antwan Jefferson, University of Colorado Denver
Christine McCown, Virginia Tech
Kent Seidel, University of Colorado Denver
Robin Brandehoff - University of Colorado Denver
Sheila M Shannon, University of Colorado Denver
Elizabeth P. Quintero, Early Childhood Studies, Professor Emerita CSUCI
Leilani Sabzalian, University of Oregon
Lorraine Falchi, CUNY Professional Development Institute
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, University if Washington
Chris Muller, New York University
Betsy Parrish, Hamline University
Megan Haselschwerdt, University of Tennessee
Barbara beyerbach, SUNY Oswego
Jennifer Esposito, Georgia State University
Michelle Fine
Professor Emerita, University of Washington
Alison Dover, California State University Fullerton
Swati Rani, PhD Boston University
Joe Frazier, Director, Office of Identity and Inclusion, Bellarmine University
Natalie R. Davis, Georgia State University
Junghee Lee, Professor, Portland State University
Erica Hernandez-Scott, PhD
Denise Herd, UC Berkeley
Holly Lawson, Portland State University
Berenice Sánchez, Idaho State University
Ben Anderson-Nathe | Child, Youth, & Family Studies | Portland State University
Laura Burbano- Graduate student, Portland State University
Loryn Hilferty, Temple University
Sarah Buila, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Katie Simon Kurumada, Georgia State University
David Wojnowski, Georgia State University
Judy Yu, Queens College, City University of New York
George S. McClellan, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi
Marissa Juarez, Central New Mexico Community College
Dolores Delgado Bernal, Dept Chair, Cal State Los Angeles
Helen Neville, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alma M.O. Trinidad, Associate Professor, Portland State University
Keith Rowley, Bellevue College
Michael De Sousa, Cal State East Bay
Kathleen Gillon, University of Maine
University of Arizona
Nathan Tanner, PhD Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Petra A Robinson, Louisiana State University
William Schubert, University of Illinois at Chicago
Betina Hsieh, University of La Verne
Peggy Shannon-Baker
Christa J. Porter, Kent State University
Cathery Yeh, Chapman University
Francena Turner, University of Maryland, College Park
Lory L. King, Bellarmine University
Eric R. Felix, San Diego State University
Steve D. Mobley, Jr. University of Alabama
Laura E. Meyers, Georgia State University
Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, University of South Florida
Hyuny Clark-Shim, Portland State University
Dawn R. Johnson, Syracuse University
Carrie Furrer, Portland State University
Caskey Russell, University of Wyoming
Varaxy Yi Borromeo, California State University, Fresno
Maria Gurrola, CSUMB
Amy Aldous Bergerson, University of Utah
Tania D. Mitchell, University of Minnesota
Kathryn Strom, Associate Professor, California State University, East Bay
Paul W. Brinker Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Victor Small, Jr.
Stephanie Bryson, Portland State University
Cindy Bautista-Thomas, CUNY Graduate Center
Rebecca Garte, Phd. CUNY
Dayne Hutchinson, Ph.D., Marymount Manhattan College
Marisol Sanchez, University of California Los Angeles
Simone Kolysh, Hood College
Meghan Perry, Portland State University
Yvonne Chen, Vanderbilt University
Elizabeth Upton, UCLA
Ayana Tyler Hardaway, University of California, San Diego
Danny Luecke, North Dakota State University
Sophie Degener, National Louis University
Pamela A. Taylor, Ph.D., Seattle University
Reginald Blockett, Grand Valley State University
A. Lin Goodwin
John B. Diamond, University of Wisconsin
John F. McKnight, Jr., Ed.D., Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, Affiliated Associate Professor of Education, Connecticut College
Gina Lee-Olukoya, University of Illinois @Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold, Towson University
Dawn Mason Fmr. WA State Representative
Donna Wake, University of Central Arkansas
Erhard Rom, Montclair State University
Linda DeAngelo, University of Pittsburgh
Kristen E. Duncan, Clemson University
Jacquelyn Christner, MST, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Anneliese Singh, Tulane University
Jennifer V. Jones, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ
Debra Bergsma Otte
Desmond F. Goss, Lecturer, Georgia State University
Patricia Corey Bradley, JD
Kevin Jarbo, Carnegie Mellon University
Celessia Cannon, Georgia State University
Takumi Sato, Virginia Tech
Brenda Fyfe, Dean and Professor Emeritus, Webster University
Ellen Bredehoft, Rutgers University
Dresden Lackey, Georgia State University
Kaity Prieto, The Ohio State University
Michele Myers, Clinical Associate Professor, University of South Carolina
Judy Yu, Ed.D., Queens College, City University of New York
Maria Hantzopoulos, Vassar College
Kam Williams, Georgia State University
Ashlea Campbell University of Northern Colorado
Mia Settles-Tidwell, doctoral student, California State University East Bay
Patricia M. Barrett, Georgia State University
ArCasia D. James-Gallaway, Texas A&M University
Dwyane G. Smith, University of Oklahoma
Melissa Schieble, Hunter College-CUNY
Steven Greenstein, Montclair State University
Janet Lorch, National Louis University
Kristi Gamarel
Wanjiku FM Njoroge, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Raja G. Bhattar, PhD, American River College
Erin Moira Lemrow, University of Notre Dame
Sherry Jordon, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
Lorena Guerrero-Lopez ,MA, Cal State University, San Marcos
Lynne Kennedy Mullen, Doctoral Student, California State University East Bay
Kathleen Manning, University of Vermont
H. Jonathon Rendina, PhD, Hunter College CUNY
Katie Biello, Brown University School of Public Health
Kimberly Lawless, Dean, College of Ed Penn State
Catherine A. Lugg, Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education
Kevin C. Washington Tabor 100
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Gail M. Eigl, San Francisco Unified School District
Constance Hoffman, Arts Professor, NYU the Tisch School of the Arts
Cynthia A. Tyson, The Ohio State University
Melanie Wall Columbia University
Ellen Pinderhughes, Tufts University
Kristin Vogel-Campbell, Doctoral Candidate, California State University, East Bay
Kenneth Teitelbaum
Liza A. Talusan, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston
Rachel Knight, Teachers College, Columbia University
Arlene King - Educator/activist, CVESD
Azaria Cunningham, Penn State Univeristy
Kristi Gamarel, University of Michigan School of Public Health
Susan Ingram, Professor, California State University East Bay
Nicole Mirra, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Rebecca M. Gordon, Ryerson University
Cara Berg Powers, EdD, Visiting Lecturer, Clark University
Wendi S.Williams, Ph.D., Mills College
Rebecca Cooper Geller, University of Wyoming
Emily Cooperman, Lesley Ellis School
Doron Zinger, University of California Irvine
Anita Chikkatur, Carleton College
Karis Jones, New York University
Maxine McKinney de Royston, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cati de los Ríos, UC Berkeley
Lakeyta M. Bonnette-Bailey, Georgia State University
Julia E. Torres, Denver Public Schools
Kirsten Letofsky, Portland State University
Zoe Fawcett Freggens, Georgia State University, Ronin Institute
Randy Bomer, University of North Texas
Abby C. Emerson, Teachers College, Columbia University
Ken Lindblom, Stony Brook University
Tia C. Madkins, The University of Texas at Austin
Holly Morris
Jesus Tirado, Auburn University
Kathleen Osta, National Equity Project
Chris Nevin MA, LCMHC
Van Anh Tran, Teachers College, Columbia University
Linda D. Smith, Texas Southern University
Chris Buttimer, Post-doctoral Associate, MIT
Heidi Meister, Portland State University
Amy Carpenter Ford, Central Michigan University
Elizabeth Hinde, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Karen Escalante California State University San Bernardino
Candice Hargons, PhD
Ian P. Levy - Manhattan College
Victor Cary, National Equity Project
Michelle Brown, Student, Penn State University
Jill Gurtner, University of Wisconsin, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District
Dianne Ramdeholl, SUNY Empire State College
Francesca Lopez, Penn State University
Leif Gustavson, Pacific University
Chris M. Vidmar, Georgia State University Sociology
Ann LoBue Teachers College Columbia University
G.T. Reyes, California State University East Bay
David Zelaya, Ph.D.; Brown University
Samuel Byndom, 100 Black Men San Antonio
Jerry Rosiek, University of Oregon
Richard D. Benson II, Spelman College
Marcellus Davis, Community Minded Educators LLC (CME)
Tina Paone, Monmouth University
Carlyn Mueller, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Athena M. King, PhD/MPA
Jean Mendoza
Terrell R. Morton, PhD - University of Missouri
Terry B Northcut, Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Eduardo Lara, Cal State Long Beach
Brenda L. Barrio, University of North Texas
Olanipekun Laosebikan, Chicago State University
Jean-Jacques Credi, Equity Consultant, Atlanta
Sarah E. Andrews, University of Colorado Boulder
Sylk Sotto, EdD, Indiana University
Peter L. Jones, Loyola University Chicago
Sheena Carey, Marquette University
Laura S. Abrams, Phd, UCLA Luskin Social Welfare
Shannon Longworth, Edgewood College
Shiv R. Desai, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
Andrea Y. Simpson, Ph.D., University of Richmond
Alicia Hollis, NCC School Counselor KCMO schools
Carol Batker, University of San Francisco
Antonio Byrd, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Elizabeth Jaeger, University of Arizona
Ralph Tavares , MBA, Roger Williams University School of Law
Roseann Liu, Swarthmore College
Oscar Palacio, Professor, Lesley University
Jason Magabo Perez, Ph.D., CSU San Marcos
Jose Coll, Dean School of Social Work Portland State University
Jonljenmarc Education Consultants
Sarah Bradley M Portland State University
James Lamar Foster, University of Washington
Kate Seltzer, Rowan University
Jasmine Porter Rallins, UIUC
Ron Davis - Program Director/Associate Professor Social Work - Aultman College
Stephanie Valutis, Christopher Newport University
Elise Johnson, Cal State Dominguez Hills
Daniel Friedrich, Teachers College, Columbia University
Kim Baker-Abrams, Harding University
Brittany Robinson
Marcelle Mentor - TC, Columbia University
Shimon Cohen, Florida International University
Amanda Rachel Jones, MSW, LCSW, Meredith College
Michael Q Abili, M.Ed., Texas State University
Carol Hostetter Indiana University
Jordan Corson, Assistant Professor, Stockton University
C. Emmanuel Little, Georgia College & State University
Kelly C. Johnston, EdD
Okey K. Enyia, George Washington University
J.T. Snipes, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Nadine McNeal, DBH, Freed-Hardeman University
Diane Lundahl, AP and Heritage Speakers Program, Hamilton High School, Chandler, Arizona
Sarah Ansari, Cal State East Bay
Walter S. Gershon, Rowan University
Micah Gibbens, Bellevue College
Sara Plummer rutgers
Patricia Sánchez-Connally, Framingham State University
Gloria Gallardo, Chapman University
Florin D. Salajan, North Dakota State University
Amy Ribera, Indiana University
Kara Mitchell Viesca, University of Nebraska Lincoln
Tryan L. McMickens, Suffolk University
Django Paris, University of Washington
MicKenzie Fasteland, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Badia Ahad, Loyola University Chicago
Joseph L. Jones, Ph.D., Philander Smith College
Ledah Wilcox, Portland State University
José Felipe Alvergue, University of Wisconsin - eau claire
Jennifer Williams
Joquina M. Reed Louisiana State University
Janett I. Cordoves, Interfaith Youth Core
Dillon Landi, Towson University
Liliana E. Castrellón, Duquesne University
Shakeer Abdullah, Clayton State University
Laura Nissen, Professor, Portland State University
José Miguel Paez, California State University, Northridge
Julia Loman, California Educator
Kevin McGowan, Bridgewater State University
Vanessa Lopez, California State University, East Bay
Blanca Caldas Chumbes University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Boni Wozolek, Penn State Abington
Andrea Tamburro, Indiana University
Jillion Becker
Michelle Benegas, Hamline University
Lindsay Merritt, Pacific University
Rebekah Edwards, California College of the Arts
Priscila Freire, Loyola University Chicago
Dana A. Robertson, University of Wyoming
Torie Quiñonez, California State University, San Marcos
Nick Henning, CSU Fullerton
Peg Munke, Murray state university
Kelly Myers, Portland State University
Jennifer DeLorge McKeown
Mark Ellis, CSU Fullerton
Katie Nagrotsky, University of Connecticut
Tara Affolter, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director Education Studies Program, Middlebury College
Anne Deepak, Monmouth University School of Social Work
Tuwana T Wingfield, AM, Phd, LCSW, Assistant Professor, California State University, Northridge
Katherine Schultz, CU Boulder School of Education
Stephen Cummings, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Iowa
Carla Monroe, NCSU
Cynthia Wyman Bookwalter
Peggy Ashbrook, early childhood educator, Virginia
Albert L. Samuels. Southern Univeraity and A&M College
Jo Nol, Ph.D., MS, LCSW University of Connecticut
Gretchen Rudham, Morgan State University
Tiffany Steele, Oakland University
Diane M. Hodge, Radford University
Lacey Sloan, University of Vermont
Brian D. Lozenski, Macalester College, Education for Liberation Network
Ruby Batz, University of Nevada, Reno
Mara Simon, Springfield College
Fayth Owen Hope, Doctoral Student, The University of Alabama
Evelyn Pan, Yale University
Luz Yadira Herrera, California State University Fresno
Charlene Kolupski, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Malik S. Henfield, Loyola University Chicago
Jacqueline Lynch, La Salle University
Susan Grettenberger, Professor, Central Michigan University
Candace N. Hall, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Rosemary Barbera, La Salle University
Katya Erlij, NYC DOE
Stéphanie Wahab, Portland State University
University of Minnesota Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program
Paul Breitkreutz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lisa Scherff, CSN
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Program, University of Minnesota
Jessica Heybach, Aurora University
Marjorie Siegel, Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Whitney Cassity-Caywood, Murray State University
Glenabah Martinez, Ph.D. University of New Mexico
Darrell C. Hucks, Keene State College
Gabriel Rodriguez, Iowa State University
Tammy Faux, Wartburg College
Travis W. Cronin, California State University, Fresno
Savra Frounfelker, PhD, Colorado State University Pueblo
David W. Robinson-Morris, Ph.D., Founding Director, The Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit at Xavier University of Louisiana
Erica Walker, Teachers College, Columbia University
Caitlin L. Ryan, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Dr. Rodney R. Yates Smith, Lecturer, Georgia State University
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, University of Kentucky
Megan Burton, Auburn University
Wendy Simonds, Georgia State University
Derrick Shapley Talladega College
Angelina Castagno, Northern Arizona University
Taffeta Wood, UC Irvine
Julie Caron, Associate Vice President
Vanessa S. Na, PhD student, UC San Diego
Wendy Smith, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Stefanie D. Livers, Missouri State University
Ari Dolid, California State University, East Bay
Pam Jones, Bank Street College
A.Dee Williams, California State University, Los Angeles
Mary Antón, Boston College
Debbie Waggoner, Ed.S. FCPS
Dr Christy L McGuire, University of Pittsburgh
Earl Aguilera, California State University, Fresno
Arshad I Ali, George Washington University
Carmen Martínez, Columbia University
Brittany SchlaeGuada, California State University East Bay, EdD student
Vanessa Plumly, Lawrence University
Christopher Sewell, Williams College
April Baker-Bell, Michigan State University
Amanda Rigell, University of Tennessee
Dr. Ishwanzya D. Rivers, University of Louisville
Rikka J. Venturanza, PhD Student, UCLA
Maureen Hogan, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Tommy J. Curry, University of Edinburgh
Kristen Slack, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abigail M. Ross, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
Shannon Conaty-Garofalo, NYC DOE
Sara Rezvi, Doctoral Student, The University of Illinois at Chicago
Willis W. Walter, Dean College of Education Virginia State University
Katherine Galvagni, PhD CUNY, public educator
Anneliese Harper Scottsdale Community College
Matt Gayman, Georgia State University
Kyle Whipple, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Nicole M Houser, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Gabriel Cooper, Oberlin College
Marisa Nieves, Graduate Student - University of Massachusetts Boston
Anna J. Brown, Saint Peter's University
heather c. lou, (she/her/hers), Metropolitan State University
Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, University of North Texas
Sheila Schmitz, PhD, Higher education
Dr. Victoria Malaney Brown, Columbia University
Claudia Tillman, Georgia State University
Alysia Roehrig, Florida State University
Ella Bell , EDd candidate/iSocial Worker CSUEB
Jalessah Jackson, Lecturer, Morehouse College
Adrienne Pickett, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mike Funk, New York University
Sahar D. Sattarzadeh, Ph.D., DePauw University
Patrice Rankine, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences, University of Richmond
Camille M. Wilson, University of Michigan
Conor P. McLaughlin, PhD. Bowling Green State University
Sameena Azhar, Assistant Professor, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
Jennifer D. Turner, University of Maryland
Alberto López-Carrasquillo, Ph.D. Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago Il.
Todd Cherner, Program Director at The University of North Carolina
Angela T. Barlow, University of Central Arkansas
Katherine Tyson McCrea Loyola University Chicago
Bob Nowlan, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Tamara Johnson, Malaika Early Learning Center
Hannah Baggett, Auburn University
Brian L. Kelly, Loyola University Chicago
Kelli Rushek, University of Iowa
Amy Price Azano, Virginia Tech
Jessica Friedrichs, Carlow University
Callie Palmer, Instructor, Eastern Oregon University
Dot McElhone, Portland State University
Elizabeth Gil, Fordham University
Taura Taylor, Kennesaw State University
Jamie Schissel, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Leslie Keiler, York College, The City University of New York
Britta Kallin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Johnnie Lewis Jackson, Marion City Schools (Marion, Ohio)
Colette Gosselin The College of New Jersey
Kathryn Bonach, PhD, LSW , Carlow University
Tara D. Hudson, Kent State University
Maria del Rosario Zavala, Associate Professor of Elementary Education, San Francisco State University
Monica Cwynar
Lisa Stoneman, PhD, Roanoke College
H. Samy Alim, UCLA
Kathryn S. Elmore, Roanoke College
Rachel Stein University of Colorado Denver
Michelle Knight-Manuel, Teachers College, Columbia University
Austin Jackson, Brown University
Wendy Ochoa, Postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University
Michael J. Macaluso, PhD, Grand Valley State University
A. Minor Baker, Missouri State University
Shannon Lindsey Early Education Teachers/Educational Assistant
Imani Goffney, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Maryland- College Park
Mary E. Dunkenberger, Associate Director Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance
Jennifer McCloud, Roanoke College
Marta McClintock-Comeaux, California University of PA
Uju Anya, Pennsylvania State University
valerie a. guerrero, University of Utah
Evan Torner, University of Cincinnati
Angela B. Hurley, Education Professor, Emerita, Transylvania University
Katie Harlan Eller, Teachers College, Columbia University
Paty Abril-Gonzalez, University of Texas at Austin
Ebelia Hernández, Rutgers University
Jonathan Rylander, UW-Eau Claire
Cathy Gastelum, University of Arizona
Stefanie Batten Bland, Montclair State University
Jayme Millsap Stone, University of Central Arkansas
Christin DePouw, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
David Bell, EdD, St. John’s University
Aliya Holmes, St. John's University
Patricia Jackson, Preschool teacher at Malaika ELC in Milwaukee, WI
Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez, Indiana University - Bloomington
Sharon L. Russell, Ashland University
Kathleen M. DaBoll-Lavoie, Nazareth College
Beth Erickson, LCSW
Brian Williams, Georgia State University
Sara A. Levy, Ithaca College
Stephanie J. Rowley, Teachers College, Columbia University
Rachel Endo, University of Washington Tacoma
Tanya G. Velasquez, Associate Teaching Professor, UW Tacoma
Akane Zusho, Fordham University
Esther Oey, St. Lawrence University
Lindsay Bryant, Adjunct Instructor, Portland State University
Nancy Tuchman
Stacey French-Lee, Ph.D. Georgia State University
Kathryn E. Engebretson, Indiana University Bloomington
Karen Kendrick, Albertus Magnus College
Lisa Aubrey, Arizona State University
Michael K. Thomas, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dina C. Walker-DeVose, Georgia Southern University
Penny A. Pasque, The Ohio State University
Sue Staats, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Genia Bettencourt, University of Southern California
Chris A. Nelson, University of Denver
Todd Michael Franke, UCLA
Jane Bolgatz, Fordham University
Stephanie Costello LCSW Bend,, OR
Darris Means, University of Pittsburgh
Jonathan Howe, The Ohio State University
Jessica Shiller, Associate professor, Towson University
Lori A Wolff, Fordham University
Michael L. Boucher, Jr.
Robert Kunicki, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Chandra Foote, Niagara University
Michael Benitez, PhD, MSU Denver
Jacalyn Griffen, Asst. Clinical Prof. Fresno Pacific University
William P Banks, Professor, East Carolina University
Catherine Nasara, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin River Falls
Michelle Moyd, Indiana University Bloomington
Tina Iemma, Assistant Director, University Writing Center, St. John’s University
Margaret Moore, Portland State University
David C Droppa, Seton Hill University
Shameem Rakha, Washington State University Vancouver
Robert Britten, Pierce College, Washington
Katy Duffy-Sherr MS, CCC-SLP, Doctoral Candidate, California State University, East Bay
Melissa F Weiner, College of the Holy Cross
Sergio A. Gonzalez, Claremont Graduate University
Shamara Wyllie Alhassan, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Ofelia Schepers, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dana K. Harmon, Loyola University Chicago
Azadeh F. Osanloo, New Mexico State University
Anna Nelson, LCSW, College Assistant Professor, NMSU School of Social Work
Secondary Science Teacher
Kindel Turner Nash, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Shannon Trecartin, Andrews University
Chris Bennett, Vanderbilt University
Bryn Harris, University of Colorado Denver
Amy A. Garzón Hampton, Shepherd University
Carlos Santos, Associate Prof, University of California Los Angeles
Tonya Bartell, PhD, Michigan State University
Goutham Menon, Loyola University Chicago
Cazenovia College
Jeffrey Pietruszynski, Ph.D. West Virginia State University
Jessica Essary, Cazenovia College
Edgardo Castro, PhD Student, Principal, NBCT, New Mexico State University
Roxana S. Hawkins, Mount St. Joseph University
Croix Saffin
Lori Ann Laster, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
Omer Ben Seadia, stage director
Mathew Felton-Koestler, Ohio University
Kelly Gomez Johnson, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Walter Nixon II, Education Specialist, K-12, SAUSD
Paula Jakopovic, PhD University of Nebraska Omaha
Lawrence A Rasheed Lane Community College
Jared Israel Best, Instructor, PhD Student, School of Social Work, Portland State University
Kenzo Sung, Rowan University
Denni Blum, Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University
James D. Lett, EdD, Director of Student Success & Outreach
Alba Isabel Lamar, California State East Bay
Melissa Adams, Portland State University
Luis Urrieta, Jr., University of Texas at Austin
David Gillborn, University of Birmingham, UK
Dr Reza Gholami, University of Birmingham, UK
Adah Ward Randolph, Professor, Ohio University
Valerie Earnshaw, University of Delaware
Karl Kitching, University of Birmingham
Claire E. Crawford, University of Birmingham, UK
Michael Downton, St. John's University
Sarah Bridges-Rhoads, Georgia State University
Courtney L.Luedke, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Whitewater
Román Liera
Paul E. Mabrey III, James Madison University
Kathleen M. DaBoll-Lavoie, Nazareth College
Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Syracuse University
David Smith, Professor, City University of New York
Milagros Castillo-Montoya, University of Connecticut
Lee Willingham, Supervisor, Tier I Technical Support, Bellarmine University
Wendy Cavendish, University of Miami
Rachael A. Richter, Western New Mexico University
Kathleen Cullen, Utica College
Carrie Hinds, Western New Mexico University
Sabine H. Smith, Kennesaw State University
Dennis Showers, Interim Director, SUNY Geneseo
Dylan Goldblatt, Kennesaw State University
Owen Cantrell, Georgia State University
J. Douglas Stump, St. Bonaventure University
Bethany Turner, Georgia State University
Margaret Sullivan, secondary teacher, SFUSD
Nancy Gebhart, Iowa State University
Katlyn S., Southern New Hampshire University
Tracy Schrems, Ph.D St. Bonaventure University
Dr. Diana Sukhram, SUNY Old Westbury
Joshua Kwoka, Georgia State University
Carey Andrzejewski, Auburn University
Kenneth C. Smith Bellarmine University
Steven Black, Georgia State University
Abigail Alexander, Kennesaw State University
Bob Spires, Associate Professor, University of Richmond
Dana Fusco, Queens College
Amy Gore, North Dakota State University
Diane Estrada, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Natalie Smith Carlson, North Dakota State University
Carrie Arroyo, Baylor University
Jennifer Haan, Ph.D., New Mexico State University
Hannah Konrad-Huttner, North Dakota State University
Lacey J. Hilliard, Suffolk University
Kate Sjostrom, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sharon Custer, Miami University
Robert Jae-Min Lee, College of Education at the University of Central Missouri
Livia Fagundes, Queens College
Marisha Humphries, University of Illinois at Chicago
Mary Bushnell Greiner, Queens College, City University of New York
Terry Gurl, Queens College, CUNY
Sherrie Proctor, Queens College, City University of New York
Celeste Malone, Howard University
Jonathan Baize, University of Louisville
Brea Banks, Illinois State University
Heidi Henry, St. Bonaventure University
Elsa Loftis, Portland State University
Susan Davis, Montclair State University
Karen Zaino, CUNY Graduate Center, Queens College
Nathalis Wamba Queens College, City University of New York
Soribel Genao, Queens College, CUNY
Lorraine N. Lalli, Roger Williams University School of Law
David Rivera, Queens College-CUNY
Emanuela Guano, Georgia State University
Jeffrey C. Sun, University of Louisville
Leanna Lucero, New Mexico State University
Jeanette Haynes Writer, New Mexico State University
Amanda R. Tachine, Arizona State University
Christopher J. Wagner, Queens College, City University of New York
Allison Goossens, North Dakota State University
Alice Artzt, Professor of Mathematics Education, Queens College of CUNY
Elizabeth Ricks, Howard University
Pam Gershon
Robert Schroeder, Portland State University
Jessica Siegel, University of St. Thomas
Ann Easterbrooks, Tufts University
Monica Liggins-Abrams, Western Michigan University
Lauren R. Contreras, University of Denver
Bradley Bergey, Queens College, City University of New York
Kristen Renn, Michigan State University
David Granger, SUNY Geneseo
Loyal Allen Jr., Highline College
Denise L. Ferrara
Sarah Garrity, San Diego State University
Cynthia Stirbys, UWindsor
William McConnell, Virginia Wesleyan University
Jill Emery, Portland State University
Andrew Aprile, Queens College, CUNY
Jae McQueen, LCSW, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
Prof. Stephen T. von Merz, University of Denver
Ann Petrila, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
Long Tran, Portland State University
Donny Gerke, Assistant Professor, University of Denver
Jennifer Bellamy, University of Denver
Jennifer C. Greenfield, University of Denver
Hye-Kyung Kang, Seattle University
Florence M. Guido, University of Northern Colorado
Leslie Hasche, University of Denver
Tricia Snyder, SUNY Brockport
Julianne Mitchell, University of Denver
Heather Arnold-Renicker, University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work
Dina Maramba, Claremont Graduate University
Stephanie George, University of Denver
Helen M. Bennett, Retired Elementary Teacher
Christine M. McWayne, Tufts University
Karla Manning Queens College, CUNY
Karen Bensen, University of Denver
Thomas Bruick, University of Central Arkansas
Kathryn N. Hosbein, Ph.D., East Carolina University
Adriana Aldana, CSUDH
Miranda Mosier, Portland State University
Portland State University
Amith Chandrashaker, New York University & Pace University
Susan McCullough, Queens College, CUNY
Yasmin Morales-Alexander, CUNY@Lehman College
Patricia Norman, St. Norbert College
Indiana University
Daniel Brisson, University of Denver
Karyn Housh, Indiana University
Paul Fleming, University of Michigan School of Public Health
Chiew Jones, Bellevue College
Leigh O'Brien, SUNY Geneseo
Clara Oropeza, Santa Barbara City College
Kendralin Freeman, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Tim Kinard, Texas State University
Cathrine Tejada, University of St. Thomas
Carolee Hurtado, CSU Channel Islands
Sandra Butvilofsky, University of Texas at El Paso
Courtney McCarthy, graduate student at East Carolina University
Cheryl D. Ching, University of Massachusetts Boston
Bobbie Kabuto, Queens College CUNY
Aneesha Bharwani, University of Denver
A K Lewis-Maddox, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Khuram Hussain, PhD, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Tiffany M. Nyachae, Penn State University
Sandra Pensak
Kim E. Koeppen, Hamline University
Tamara Bertrand Jones, Florida State University
Dr. Estee Hernández, Honors College, Texas Christian University
Lisa D Clark, PhD; Adjunct Faculty CUNY
Felicia Moore Mensah, Teachers College at Columbia University
Lisa Earp, Roanoke College
Denise Davis-Maye, Alabama State University
Eileen Shanahan, Eastern Kentucky University
Janice Cannon
G. Kaye Thompson-Rogers, PhD, NC Central University
Dr. Kimberly McRae, Seattle Central College
Bria Davis, Indiana University
Anthony Walker - Texas Christian University (Adjunct Faculty - Comparitive Race and Ethnic Studies)
Rene O. Guillaume, New Mexico State University
Catherine Holt
Amy Ferrell, Ph.D., CU Denver
Rachel Wellman, Bellevue College
North Carolina State University, School of Social Work
Adrianne Jackson, PhD Candidate Florida State University
Tonya E. Perry. PhD., Alabama A & M University
Gerardo Rodríguez, St. Norbert College
Roxanne Moore, Washington State University
Claudine McLaren Turner, PhD, University of Central Florida
Erika Bullock, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Todd McCardle, Eastern Kentucky University
Billie Young, retired NAEYC
Jesse Kelly, PhD student, Virginia Tech
Emily Zuccaro, Eastern Kentucky University
Jordan Westcott, PhD Student, Virginia Tech
Cecilia Espinosa, Lehman College/CUNY
Ximena Zúñiga, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Pamela Manley, Georgia State University
Nancy M. Lucero, University of Denver
Anne Lillis, Monroe College
Jessica Zaslav, University of Denver
Stephanie Adams Saulnier, Eastern Kentucky University
Lindsey Boes, MS, LMFT, University of Colorado, Denver
Sara K. Johnson, Tufts University
Ann Elisabeth Larson, University of Louisville
Miriam Packard, University of Washington
Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman, University of St Thomas (MN)
Christopher RayAlexander, Part-time Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University
Amy Spring, Georgia State University
Katrin Bahr, Centre College
Dr. Nicole Dillard, Northern Kentucky University
Charlotte Wells, Bank Street College of Education
Ian W. Wilson, Associate Professor, Centre College
Kimberly Vanderbilt, CUNY/Lehman College
University of Colorado at Boulder
Nancy J. Smyth, University at Buffalo
Nadine Shaanta Murshid
Diane E. Elze, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo
Ryan Harman, MSW, Portalnd State University
Elizabeth Bowen, University at Buffalo School of Social Work
Annamarie Francois, University of California, Los Angeles
Ben DeGiulio, LPC, Clackamas County
Caitlyn Schakols, Clackamas County Behavioral Health Centers, Counselor
Rachel Michelson, University of Colorado at Denver
Louanne Bakk, PhD, University at Buffalo
David Harding, UC Berkeley
Zeus Leonardo, UC Berkeley
Ula Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
Tamar Goldenberg, PhD, MPH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Eleanor Armour-Thomas, Professor, Queens College (CUNY)
Pamela Redela, CSU San Marcos
Joellen Maples, interim dean, St. John Fisher College
Karen Nakamura, University of California, Berkeley
Erin Harrop, University of Denver
Desiree Byrd, CUNY, Graduate Center and Queens College
Ingrid Anderson, Portland State University
Nina Hike, PhD student, UIC
Danny Bernard Martin, University of Illinois at Chicago
Hillary Hyde, Portland State University
Jonathan Davis, The College of New Jersey
Kalwant Bhopal, University of Birmingham UK
Martin Myers, University of Nottingham, UK.
Isok Kim, Associate Professor, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Autumn Joy Florencio-Wain, SUNY @ New Paltz
Christine da Rosa, PhD student, PSU
Francisco Rios, Western Washington Univeresity
Robert Tinajero, University of North Texas at Dallas
Prince F. Robertson, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Chrystal S Anthony-Sims, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Amy Joslin, LPC Clackamas County
Regiere Lovett, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Jodi Goode, Loyola University Chicago
Jonathan Simon, UC Berkeley
Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Professor Emerita, Anthropology UC Berkeley
Bev Bickel, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Adriana Medina-López-Portillo, University of Denver
Dianne M. Dawson Daniels, DBA, Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Naomi André, Professor, University of Michigan
Jennifer Hernandez, PhD Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville
Jeremy Strayer, Middle Tennessee State University
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