Friday, February 18, 2005

From Sen. Rodney Ellis (re: Texas Grants)

February 14, 2005

It is my pleasure to announce February 23, 2005 as TEXAS Grants Day at the Texas Capitol. Please help us ensure that TEXAS Grants continues to provide hope and opportunity for future students by helping us make TEXAS Grants Day a success.

As you know, the TEXAS Grants program has helped thousands of students better afford the rising cost of a college education. In its first five years, 205,000 TEXAS Grants have been awarded and the program has grown from $100 million to $320 million per biennium. Unfortunately, there are efforts in the legislature to slash funding for this program, which could eliminate TEXAS Grants for up to 33,000 students -- maybe you or your child or a student you know.

Help protect TEXAS Grants and ensure the program continues to provide hope and opportunity for future students. Come to Austin for TEXAS Grants Day and contact your legislator, and especially the members of the Appropriations Committee, the Speaker of the House, and the Lt. Governor and the Governor. Ask them if they are going to fully fund the program.

If you are interested in helping make TEXAS Grants Day a success, please contact Chris Smith in my office at (512)463-0113, or via e-mail at


Rodney Ellis

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