Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Asian-American Students Struggling Under NCLB, Group Says

Check out the entire study "Left in the Margins" it has some interesting findings. This is something that certain parts of California have dealt with for years, especially non-urban areas where the majority of the diverse Asian populations are refugee immigrants. Far too many Asians suffer from generalizations similar to Mexican/Chicano/Latino students in California. -Patricia

By David J. Hoff | Ed Week
May 8, 2008

Schools are failing to identify struggling Asian-American students under the No Child Left Behind Act and to get them the academic interventions they need, a report says.

“Contrary to stereotypes that cast Asian-Americans as model students of academic achievement, many Asian-American students are struggling, failing, and dropping out of schools that ignore their needs,” says the report, released last week by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Because the 6-year-old federal law fails to adequately track the academic achievement of all Asian ethnic groups, the organization contends, schools don’t need to publish test-score data that would highlight of the struggles of some groups of Asian-American students, particularly those...

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