Friday, July 31, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry signs House Bill (HB) 3

From the Office of the Governor:

CARROLTON – Gov. Rick Perry today ceremonially signed House Bill (HB) 3, which will improve public education and strengthen the state’s public school accountability system by holding schools accountable for graduating students who are college and career-ready, ensuring that schools retain rigorous high school graduation plans, improving parent access to student academic information and increasing school district financial transparency.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Angela. I still don't think that the majority of Texas, especially those who will be most affected, know that this occurred. As concerning as many parts of this bill are we have to give recognition to all of your hard work. Because you made your research on multiple criteria assessment accessible, third grade children will no longer be assessed [or retained] solely based on their test performance. Instead, their grades, attendance, classroom performance, and teacher and parent input will be considered. Seeing this kind of holistic assessment in statute is a MAJOR and MONUMENTAL victory!!! Another victory was witnessing Texas legislators publicly criticize and denounce testing and advocate for multiple criteria assessment. You totally epitomize what can happen when we dream big and stay the course when it comes to advocating for children and equity.