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850+ Colleges and Universities That Do Not Use SAT/ACT Scores to Admit Substantial Numbers of Students Into Bachelor Degree Programs

I applaud the National Center for Fair and Open Testing—better known as"FairTest," that also has a board on which I am honored to sit.  I refer specifically to Monty Neil, Bob Schaeffer, Lisa Guisbond, and David Mirabella. Literally for decades, they have selflessly, intelligently, courageously, and passionately led against the injustices of test abuse and high-stakes testing.

Decades ago when I was a 20-something graduate student at Stanford University, I remember coming across this organization in their campaign against the SAT and ACT.  That's how I first got to know them and now I am on the FairTest Board.  As you can see from this piece, the struggle not only continues but we have continued to make strides.

Hats of to my heroes at FairTest and to our awesome board for fighting the good fight for all these years.  FYI, here's our board:


Dr. Sophie Sa, Chair; Founding Executive Director (retired), Panasonic Foundation, Secaucus, NJ

Judith Browne-Dianis, Esq., Vice-Chair; Co-Director, Advancement Project, Washington, DC.

Laura Barrett, Clerk; Communications Specialist, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Boston, MA;

Dr. Mary Lu Bilek; Dean and Professor of Law, University ofMassachusetts School of Law, Dartmouth, MA

Ann Cook; Executive Director, NY Standards Performance Consortium, New York, NY

Nikhil Goyal; Author and activist; Woodbury, NY

Dr. Ellen Condliffe Lagemann; Levy Institute Research Professor, Bard College, and Distinguished Fellow, Bard Prison Initiative, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Deborah Meier; Founding principal, Central Park East (NYC) and Mission Hill (Boston) schools, Hillsdale, NY; Professor, New York University

Linda Nathan; special assistant to superintendent, Boston Public Schools; formerly Founding Headmaster, Boston Arts Academy; Cambridge, MA

George Rosenfeld; History Professor, Bard Prison Initiative,New York, NY

Robert Schaeffer; President, Public Policy Communications, Sanibel, FL

Angela Valenzuela; Professor, U. Texas-Austin, and Director,Texas Center for Education Policy; Austin, TX

-Angela Valenzuela

850+ Colleges and Universities That Do Not Use SAT/ACT Scores to Admit Substantial Numbers of Students Into Bachelor Degree Programs

Current as of Spring 2016

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This list includes institutions that are "test optional," "test flexible" or otherwise de-emphasize the use of standardized tests by making admissions decisions about substantial numbers of applicants who recently graduated from U.S. high schools without using the SAT or ACT.
As the notes indicate, some schools exempt students who meet grade-point average or class rank criteria while others require SAT or ACT scores but use them only for placement purposes or to conduct research studies. Please check with the school's admissions office to learn more about specific admissions requirements, particularly for international or non-traditional students.
Sources: Barron's Profiles of American Colleges 2015; College Board 2016 College Handbook; U.S. News & World Report College Guide 2016; admissions office websites; news reports; and email communications
Note: Schools with live links to their websites and admissions offices have paid a modest fee for this service. Linking does not imply any form of endorsement. If your institution would like to participate in the live link program, please contact FairTest at (617) 477-9792 or by clicking CONTACT US above.
The List is organized alphabetically by school - if you click the word state at the top it will re-sort itself by state.
For a print formated hard copy PDF file of this list click here.
Also Available as PDF:

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