Thursday, August 18, 2016

AB 2016 just cleared the California Senate floor...Consider writing a letter of support

Good News out of California! 

Yesterday, AB 2016 cleared the Senate floor with a final vote of 32-5. Soon it will make its way to the Governor's desk so please send us a signed copy of your letter of support by end of day Sunday. Please CLICK HERE for a sample letter and email the signed copy back to us ASAP to: (Many thanks to those

As we mentioned earlier this week, if passed, AB2016 will create a model A-G approved Ethnic Studies Curriculum that school districts can adopt, and would be the first of its kind in the entire country!

who have already sent a letter of support!)

Check out an earlier post on this on my blog.

Please Consider Making a Donation

If you support the work we are doing with the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition please help us fund the movement. We cannot do it without you. With your help we can expand our community organizing/advocacy campaign, provide professional development support for teachers and curriculum design for school districts. PLEASE make a donation to Ethnic Studies Now! by clicking the link below:


José Lara

Coordinating Committee Member, 
Ethnic Studies Now Coalition
Tel. (213) 267-9031
Fax. (323) 844-0110



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