Monday, August 08, 2016

How to 'Grow Your Own' Teacher Workforce - SXSWedu Panel Proposal

Help us share our new text - Growing Critically Conscious Teachers - and promote the broader Grow Your Own Teacher movement before a global audience at South by Southwest—SXSWedu 2017. 

To support our work:  Create a PanelPicker account, and then Vote for our proposal.

The public voting period begins today—August 8, 2016.


While SXSW is known for showcasing new technology, research shows that all
too often, the excitement of innovation and constant change leaves many
Latino/a students, and other people of color stuck in the shallow end of
the tech pool.

Sadly, the same is often true for "innovation" within human resources, where market-based ideologies promote "efficiencies" that actually increase barriers between caring, committed, and critically conscious applicants within our communities, and school district hiring managers (Principals, HR Staff).

As a consequence, far too often our students of color are being led by
teachers who do not share their background, and are not prepared to
approach teaching from a critically conscious or culturally relevant

However, within the SXSWedu conference, there are categories for both equality and leadership, and we plan to "share research and case studies that outline how innovative school districts disrupt traditional hiring practices to recruit and retain highly qualified, diverse teachers eager to embrace critical and culturally relevant pedagogies."

Please promote this important session, and hopefully you will be able to join us during Spring Break 2017 as we share this important research with a global audience of influential educators.

Thanks to EPP Doctoral student, Michael Barnes, for suggesting this together with this great under 2-minute presentation that I encourage you to listen to.

Angela Valenzuela, Ph.D., 
UT Professor and Director,
National Latino/a Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAP [pronounced "Nel-rap"]), the organization that originated this Grow-Your-Own Latina and Latino teacher education pipeline.

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