Monday, September 19, 2016

Latino Children’s/Young adult book Authors, Illustrators, & Awards Lists, by Jessica Barajas

It's wonderful to get a credible list of Latin@ children's and young adult books.  I wonder how many of these, if any, have been adopted by the Texas SBOE? That investigation is for another time....

Many thanks to Jessica Barajas, an East Palo Alto, California, pre-school teacher who put this list together by interviewing educators for resources together with her own individual research for bilingual books for her school.

Plus, her timing, in light of the current ethnic studies movement in Arizona, Texas, and California, the passing of AB2016, the Texas SBOE battle over the racist textbook, and California Proposition 58 is impeccable.  Regarding the latter, Prop. 58 regards Non-English Languages Allowed in Public Education [2016]) that if passed, will peel back anti-bilingual education code embodied in Prop. 227.

This is great for families—any and all—that are looking for resources.

This clearly took a lot of time, so thank you for your generosity and your commitment to our children and community in bringing forth this treasure of a collection.  Hopefully, city and school librarians will take note and at least check their acquisitions against this list. Also, check out this self-explanatory website for more resources:

If others have books to add to this list, by all means post to this blog.  Sharing resources and opportunities is what it's all about.

Angela Valenzuela 


Latino Children’s/Young adult book Authors, Illustrators, & Awards Lists

      Latino Picture Books

      Alma Flor Ada Books

      Pura Belpre Awards

      Read Conmigo

Bilingual Children’s books (Pre-k - 1st grade)

      Tooth on the Loose

      La Mariposa
      Hello Ocean/Hola mar
      Family Pictures
      Papá and Me
      Mamá and Me



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  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    The Storyteller's Candle by Lucia Gonzalez should be on this list. It's a fictional story about Pura Belpre that centers on a Puertorican family spending their first winter in New York.