Sunday, March 05, 2017

Save Texas Schools Rally, March 25, 10-12:00PM

Dear Save Texas Schools Supporters,

Get ready to rally on Saturday, March 25 from 10 am to noon at the Texas State Captiol!

Texas schools struggle with cuts and underfunding, even as property taxes soar. We support a proposal to send $1.5 billion from the state that will help, while a broken school finance system is fixed, and oppose measures, such as vouchers, that transfer funding from public to private schools. That's why we're rallying on March 25th!

Texas children spend too much time testing, time that could be spent learning. We are partnering with friends from TAMSA and other groups who are leading the charge for our children. That's why we're rallying on March 25th!

Our struggling schools face punitive sanctions and an A-F grading system that do more to harm than help schools. We believe community-based supports that build up, like Community Schools, is the right way forward. That's why we're rallying tomorrow!

We believe every student, no matter their situation or family background, deserves a great education and a caring and safe school. That's why we're rallying!

If you live in driving distance of the State Capitol, get in the car or on the bus, grab your family and friends and some posters, and change the future for Texas children. We have an amazing group of speakers, the media will out in force, and legislators will be listening.

Leading up to the rally, we'll also have several calls to action as committee hearings get going on key legislation.

See you on March 25th. Spread the word!

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