Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Here is one of the best Blogs in the World on Maya Decipherment: Introducing Dr. David Stuart

Just came across this blog by renowned UT Art and Art History Professor and MacArthur Fellow Dr. David Stuart who specializes in the study of ancient Mayan civilization.  Dr. Stuart is featured in the award-winning PBS documentary "Cracking the Maya Code" (NightFire Films, 2008).  I was told that UT has the highest concentration of Mayan scholars in the country.  They also host an annual conference that you can learn about here.  Fascinating stuff!  Perhaps I'll attend this conference myself someday.


Maya Decipherment

Ideas on Ancient Maya Writing and Iconography



Maya Decipherment focuses on the dissemination and serious discussion of ideas related to Maya hieroglyphs and iconography, encompassing archaeology, linguistics, and other pertinent fields. It is not a personal blog.

Submissions vary in length, but generally should never exceed ten pages (double-spaced). Please contact David Stuart at the email below regarding potential contributions and for more details on the editorial particulars.

Blog entries are categorized within one of five categories: Articles, Notes, Archives, News, and Books. More categories may be introduced in the future, but for now this a good way to organize the varied sorts of contributions.


Dr. David Stuart
Department of Art and Art History D1300
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712 USA

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