Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Texas' Political Landscape Continues to Evolve

After every political cycle, the pendulum swings to the other side. This may be no different in Texas in spite of the fact that Texas has remained reliably republican since 1994, and really since the early '80s. Republicans in Texas stand on shifting sands if they believe Texas will remain a red state much longer. Texas may not even be a true red state, Texas looks increasingly like blue state with low voter turnout.

With the presidential election on the ballot in 2020, it is likely, should Oprah Winfrey decide to run for President, that she will impact down ballot democrats in traditionally red states such as Sheriff Lupe Valdez who is running for governor of Texas (The New Key To Texas).  The Trump presidency is motivating women to take the reigns of our political system, more women are signing up to run for office than ever before.

If Oprah strikes the right chord with voters, she has the potential to counter Trump supporters in red states and to turn out voters who tend to stay home on election day. Time will tell. 

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