Friday, May 31, 2019

AERA Names Two Congressional Fellows for 2019-2020--Congrats, Dr. Wei-Ling Sun!

Amazing! What can I say other than that I’m happy and honored to have been your doctoral dissertation chair, Dr. Wei-Ling Sun and to recommend you to this incredible opportunity that despite so many applications to the largest educational research organization in the world for this highly-coveted opportunity in Washington D.C., yours rose to the very top!

And after a year in Washington, she heads back to Texas, specifically the University of Texas El Paso where she will be a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.

All of this is truly a testament to your extraordinary talent, hard work, and commitment to addressing substantively the school-to-prison pipeline. Plus, you’re just an all-around wonderful human being that I’m so happy to have gotten to know and enjoy all of these years.

A feather in your cap, Dr. Wei-Ling Sun! I couldn’t be more happy or pleased. I can only imagine how your parents and family feel about all of this. Don’t forget us little people over here in Texas, OK? 🙂

I love you! We love you!❤️


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