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I am happy to re-post this Aztec Bibliography that I received from Chicana activist and writer Dorinda Moreno close to a decade ago.  It provides a list of primary and secondary sources.  I am interested in other bibliographies that provide additional sources, either primary of secondary, if anyone has one that they can share.  

I would be happy to post bibliographies of any other indigenous community, too.

The more common self-referent, by the way, is "Mexica," rather than "Aztec."  Mexico and Mexicans get their name from the Nahuatl-speaking Mexica.  And Nahuatl, like the Mexica people, is a language that is very much alive today. From a September 11, 2018 post to this blog:
According to Mexico's census bureau, Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Geografía (INEGI), in 2015,  25,694,928 people in Mexico, or 21.5% of Mexico's population, self-identified as indigenous, with well over 1.5 million speakers of Nahuatl, the language of the Mexicas, alone.  
Increasing numbers today live in the  U.S., as well.  It's really neat to read and learn about how very much our ancestors valued education; they read poetry and studied the classics of their own time.  They had schools and universities, even as parents and families, alongside communities (kalpullis, meaning coalitions of houses), always were recognized as their children's first teacher.  Respecting parents and elders and living a disciplined life and working hard and giving back to the community were core, fundamental values that helped you to live a good life and live peacefully in community and society,.

I have actually posted a number of items on Nahuatl and the Mexica to my blog over the years that you can peruse yourself here.  It's fun for me to re-read these items and to appreciate anew the value of having a blog. 😊

As we study, develop curriculum, engage in culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogies, and otherwise reconnect to our roots on this continent as the descendants of native peoples, such sources aid in the recovery of that history, knowledge, and culture that not surprisingly, resonate strongly with these same values to which we adhere today. 

Moreover, this process of recovery is so incredibly redemptive and healing of ourselves as individuals, communities, and of the planet, our Earth Mother.

We all need to build up our own personal libraries and secure these and other readings that intellectually stimulate our imaginations and deepen our sense of relatedness and being.

Many thanks again to Dorinda Moreno, for making this available.  

-Angela Valenzuela

Mexica or Aztec Teacher with his students.  Source:

Aztec Bibliography

Primary Sources

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Also have by Maudsaly & Garcia:TP "The True History of the Conquest of New Spain." And, Hakluyt Society: 1908. Five volumes, illustrated, one volume is box of maps. Ex-libris of Edward Lynam, map collector/editor, one-time secretary of Hakluyt Soc., British Museum curator (?), etc. VG (This is third copy, so one of others must go.)

Diaz, Bernal; J. M. Cohen (translator). The Conquest of New Spain. Penguin: 1963. TP-VG.

Duran, Fray Diego; Doris Heyden & Fernando Horcasitas (translators). The Aztecs: The History of the Indies of New Spain. Orion Press: 1964. VG/No
Also have:Univ. Oklahoma: 1994 (this includes all the original illustrations, complete text. The 1964 edition was a popular version, and so did not. This is a scholarly one, and also includes annotations, intro, etc.)

Duran, Fray Diego; translated & edited by Fernando Horcasitas and Doris Heyden. Book of the Gods and Rites and the Ancient Calendar. University of Oklahoma: 1973. TP-VG

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Ross, Kurt (ed.) Codex Mendoza: Aztec Manuscript. Miller Graphics: 1978. Color reproductions of all full pages of this codex, as well as many close-ups. Includes some translations of the Spanish written on the codex. VG/VG

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The Aztecs

Adams, Richard E. W. Prehistoric Mesoamerica, Revised Edition. University of Oklahoma: 1991. F/F. Take to store?

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Berrin, Kathleen; Clara Millon, Rene Millon, Esther Pasztory, Thomas K. Seligman. Feathered Serpents and Flowering Trees: Reconstructing the Murals of Teotihuacan. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco: 1988. Interesting account relating that the "official" discovery of these murals was prompted by looted pieces of them all of a sudden showing up in auctions. VG/none/signed

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The Conquest and Conquistadors

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Miscellaneous Stuff (Colonial, Travelogues, Olmecs, Peopling of Americas, General Mesoamerican Interest)

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Sabin 98812: "The Spanish original of the above and its author are myths. The chief interest lies in its connection with the history of the American circus, having been published to advertise the exhibition of the supposed "Aztec" children. A ms. note of E.G. S[quier] filed with Joseph Sabin's memoranda states that the children were born in the town of Usulutan, or Usulatan, south west of San Miguel, of mixed Indian, Spanish, and negro stock. Frequently reprinted in connection with exhibitions in the United States and in England, with the title 'Illustrated Memoir.' As is hinted in the title, the whole purpose of this hoax, which became a travelling performance, was to capitalize on the extraordinary interest that Stephens' two books on his discoveries in the Mayan lands had aroused. It can also be classed as 'Lost Race fiction.'"

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