Sunday, March 21, 2010

Education Secretary Arne Duncan credits basketball with life assist

By Erik Brady, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — Arne Duncan loves basketball. And why wouldn't he?
It helped him get to Harvard.

It's how he found his wife.

It even played a role in his becoming Secretary of Education.

"So much of what I've learned in life, I learned on a basketball court," he says. "It helped shape me. And it's been formative. It's been a love for a long, long time. It's something I still love."

Duncan, 45, was honorable mention all-Ivy League at Harvard in the mid-1980s. He played professionally in Australia, where he met his future wife. And he became good friends with Craig Robinson on the playground courts of Chicago.

It was through Robinson and Robinson's sister, Michelle, that Duncan came to know Barack Obama, who selected Duncan for his team — not only as a member of his cabinet, but often in Washington pickup games that put the power in power forward.

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