Sunday, March 21, 2010

Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners II

Might want to fast forward to the Ruiz & Lozano article if you're interested in checking out an evaluation instrument (TEELS) that evaluates teacher adequacy to work with bilingual learners. But the whole issue sounds worth getting.


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The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition

NCELA Newsletter: AccELLerate! 2.3
Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners II
Spring 2010

NCELA is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of its quarterly newsletter AccELLerate! in which we continue to explore the challenge of providing high-quality professional development to teachers of English-language learners. We are pleased to bring you more articles on professional development written by researchers and educators from all over the country, including recipients of the Office of English Language Acquisition's National Professional Development Program grants.

There are a number of topics that this theme embraces: accountability in the preparation of teachers, collaboration among teaching professionals from all levels to create effective PD, reconceptualizing the curriculum to integrate ESOL content into education courses across all licensure programs, creating a feasible ESL licensure program for teachers in rural communities, mainstream teachers’ need and readiness for PD programs that support the integration of content and ESL instruction, and examples of good practice. By collecting these contributions--united in theme but individual in approach--we wish to showcase the varied ideas and methods energizing current developments in PD, and hope to further the synergy between research and practice in the field of preparing teachers to work with ELLs.

In this issue:

Ruiz & Lozano: The TEELS: A Project-Developed Method for Increasing Accountability in the Preparation of Teachers to Work with ELLs

Gomez-Zwiep & Straits: Elementary Teachers’ Perspectives on the Integration of English as a Second Language and Science Instruction

Hansen-Thomas & Casey: Accelerating ELL Learning

Castañeda, Fisher-Young, & Perry: English for Speakers of Other Languages Mentoring Initiative for Academics and Methods Infusion (ESOL MIAMI) Project: An Overview

Rodríguez & Manner: Professional Development in Eastern North Carolina

Shin, Edmonds, & Browder: Collaboration is the Key to Successful Professional Development: The UMBC STEP T for ELLs Program in Maryland
Wilde: What Have We Learned?

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