Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Community Alert: Shortening Instructional Days Limits Access to Quality Learning

October 31, 2011

Dear Community Partner:

Families In Schools and several statewide partners, joined the Education Trust-West in the release of "Turning Back the Clock: The Inequitable Impact of Shortening California's School Year."

This policy brief highlights research findings that indicate the importance of increasing classroom time to improve student achievement and lifelong success, particularly for low-income students throughout California. As the brief explains, over the past several years, California's policymakers have reduced the amount of instructional time that our school districts are required to provide. Furthermore, the brief identifies a number of schools in California that have extended the school year or school day and have seen improved student learning. For more context on the brief, please read this letter from Arun Ramanathan, Executive Director of Ed Trust--West.

Families In Schools is an advocate for high quality learning environments and believes instructional quality should be preserved, despite increasing budget shortfalls. Shortening the school year potentially limits parents' ability to access a quality education for their children. Instructional time is essential, particularly in underserved communities that have limited access to additional academic support throughout the year and summer months. Families need more opportunities for their students to learn, not less.

We encourage you to read and share this critical brief to learn more about how shortening instructional time impacts our highest needs families.

To read the full brief in English, click HERE. To read the full brief in Spanish, click HERE.


Kaci Patterson

Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy

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