Sunday, January 15, 2017

Announcing Sanchez El Tour Dates for 2017-18 Enrollment

Just as Spanish-English bilingualism is an important skill for all of us to have and indeed cultivate in light of our context, dual language is an important focus in the Austin Independent School District.  

Fortunately, our Spanish-speaking community in Austin is a natural resource so that children (and adults) can become biliterate in both Spanish and English.  Here's one such opportunity for your children at Sanchez Elementary school named after educational pioneer, UT Professor and fierce advocate for children's rights, George I. Sanchez.  

No one better to carry the torch than Principal Azucena "Suzy" García, one of our most beloved principals in the school district—in great part, I might add, to the fidelity of her bilingual education program that prepares our children well for the future.  

I should know.  I see these children at Academia Cuauhtli, our Saturday academy, located at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Culture Center a few minutes walk through the underpass across I-35.  Sanchez children are strong in their personas as bilingual, bicultural individuals and budding thought leaders.  And if not immediately, they soon become that way.

Principal García has been at Sanchez El for more than 20 years and in the district longer.  She is experienced, resourceful, and truly dedicated to program integrity.

We always talk about the importance of great leadership and great program designs with leaders that not only have a deep understanding of bilingual or dual language education, but also a demonstrated commitment, love of community, and thusly, our children.  Two tour options are still available.

Angela Valenzuela

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