Friday, October 16, 2015

Jerry Brown Vetoes Ethnic Studies

We are very disappointed, Gov. Jerry Brown. You are great proof of how liberals are, and continue to be, part of the problem. Though we can never stop challenging the liberal establishment in its own terms (e.g., AB 101, authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo), we must also circumvent them through grassroots projects like Academia Cuauhtli <>
that gets the knowledge to our teachers, children, and communities. And we must never give up.

If you are here at TABE in El Paso right now, there is going to be a conversation about Mexican American Studies spearheaded by Dr. Chris Milk (location TBA; I'll let you know here once I get a room no.) Here's the invitation. All are welcome to attend.


La Cultura Cura: NACCS Tejas Foco/TABE coalition to integrate bilingual education and Mexican American Studies

We want to invite participants to a state-wide conversation aimed to more fully integrate bilingual education and Mexican American Studies in order to promote culturally-responsive and community healing programs that address the multiple kinds of traumas our children experience within the Texas K-20 education system. For the last two years, TABE and the National Association for Chicana/Chicano Studies (NACCS) Tejas Foco have been hosting conversations in which educators have shared their local efforts to integrate Mexican American Studies (MAS) and bilingual education. Participants have shared K-5 programs that have integrated MAS programs into district curriculum and dual enrollment programs at the high school and college levels.
We invite participants to continue this conversation. We will share curriculum written for K-8 bilingual programs in Austin. We will share strategies developed by the Rio Grande Valley Coalition to create MAS programs in area high schools. We will also hear El Paso efforts to integrate MAS and bilingual education. Finally, we will strategize how to work together, pedagogically, organizationally and legislatively, to promote our diverse efforts. Join us to learn of these diverse programs and to add your voice to this statewide effort.

Chris Milk Bonilla
AB 101, authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Watsonville), would have created an advisory panel under the state Department of Education tasked with drafting an ethnic studies curriculum that would then be distributed for optional adoption by public…

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